Vikings find company in officiating angst

Vikings coach Brad Childress wasn't the only coach taking issue with the officiating from Sunday's games. Seattle coach Jim Mora was upset with a non-call that left his quarterback grasping for air and said if it's not illegal, maybe his players should go after opposing QBs that way. Surely Brett Favre will disagree.

After reviewing the game on Sunday, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said he turned in 17 plays to the league's officiating office for their consideration on Monday.

Mora said the number of plays under consideration in a game called by referee Walt Coleman is the most he's submitted during his four years as a head coach in the NFL.

But Mora was angered by one play in particular. Asked about the end of the play in the second quarter of Sunday's game where after a sack by teammate Clark Haggans, Arizona defensive tackle Darnell Dockett squashed Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's throat with his elbow while getting up after the tackle, Mora said if it isn't against the rules, then his players should be doing it to.

"I don't like when it's our quarterback, but if they're not going to call it then I'd like to see our guys do it to their quarterback," Mora said. "If they're not going to call it. I don't know what the rule is. I haven't heard back yet, so I don't know what they're seeing there. But if that's not going to be called, then we should be doing it."

Asked if Dockett's actions should be called, Mora responded: "Yeah, absolutely. But if it's not going to be, then we should be doing it."

Asked whether or not he should be advocating his players doing those types of things on the field, Mora had this to say: "If it's legal I can. If it's illegal, then it would be called. If it's legal than we should be doing it.

"I would never advocate us doing anything illegal, nor would I ever advocate us doing anything that would intentionally harm another player. But if that's legal and the league is not going to call that, then we should be doing it, because it has an effect on the quarterback when he can't breathe.

"When Matt's getting up and he can't breathe," said Mora, simulating his quarterback gasping for air. "Boy, I'd like to see their quarterback doing that. It's a vicious game. I'm not saying anything that anyone else wouldn't say."

Hasselbeck got up holding his throat after the play, and later confronted Dockett on the field about the incident.

Mora said running back Julius Jones suffered a bruised lung, not a cracked rib, which he previously reported on Sunday. Mora said Jones also may have suffered a cracked rib, and returned to Seattle today.

Jones is unlikely to play on Sunday against Minnesota, Mora said.

"They just took the proper precautions in not having him travel yesterday with that injury," Mora said.

Mora said other than Jones all his players are relatively healthy.


  • OT Sean Locklear started at left tackle for the first time in seven games. Coach Jim Mora said Locklear played inconsistent, giving up a sack early on, but got better as the game wore on.

  • RBs Justin Forsett and Louis Rankin will fill in for Julius Jones (bruised lung) if he cannot play this week. Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said the team will not pick up another running back with Jones out, and would used fullback Justin Griffith as a replacement at fullback if they need another body.

  • QB Seneca Wallace will continue to be used creatively in Seattle's offense, but Mora said he does not want to create a package of 10 plays for Wallace because the team is still trying to get down the Seahawks main offensive system.

  • C Chris Spencer snapped with his left hand because of a thumb injury on his right hand, but seemed to get through the game without any major mishaps.

  • LB David Hawthorne finished with 10 tackles, leading the team in tackles for a third straight game.

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