Chukwurah on the Bubble

Patrick Chukwurah's place with the Vikes has gone from starter to potential casualty. Suddenly, his future hangs in the balance.

From game to game and year to year, teams make changes. Patrick Chukwurah has been part of that with the Vikings. The team has tried to find a niche for him -- as a pass-rushing DE to linebacker starter. Yet, nothing (as yet) has panned out to the team's satisifaction.

So, it should come as no surprise that Chukwurah is on the hot seat with the Vikes. As reported earlier by VU, LB Jay Foreman -- son of former Viking Chuck Foreman -- would love to come home to Minnesota. Whether that gets done or not, the word VU is hearing is that Chukwurah has a bull's eye on him. If he stays or goes could be at whim or part of a decision-making process beyond his reach.

As free agency approaches, VU will highlight other current players on the bubble. It just so happens that Chuckwurah is the latest to be evaluated.

* The Giants are looking to move up in the first round and VU has been told the team is looking at the Vikings' pick at No. 7 as a serious possibility for making a trade offer.
* One of the free agents the Vikings have a keen interest in is Detroit's Chris Claiborne. However, with the hiring of Steve Mariucci, word out of Detroit is that Claiborne is now much more likely to re-sign and stay with the Lions.
* The Bengals are talking about trading out of the No. 1 spot, but, even if they do, it still looks like whomever moves into that spot will take QB Carson Palmer with that pick.
* The Lions are facing some serious sanctions by the league for not giving minority candidates legitimate consideration for the head coaching opening. Word VU is getting is that Mariucci was the only consideration -- despite rumors otherwise spread by Lions peeps -- and that because of overwhelming evidence that the Lions bypassed the system, sanctions in the form of fine or loss of draft picks(s) will follow.

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