Ochocinco's plan is fun, but unrealistic

Chad Ochocinco wants to grab Ragnar's horn if the Bengals receiver scores against the Vikings on Sunday. See what he had to say and why it won't happen.

Chad Ochocinco has no intentions of slowing down with his antics in the Metrodome against the Vikings.

The NFL's leading public prankster said he has something in mind for Sunday if he scores a touchdown. He wants to steal the horn that fans hear after a Vikings score.

"I'm going to steal it from what's his name – Ragnar? He'd better give it to me. If he doesn't give it to me, I'm going to MMA him," Johnson said, referring to the mixed martial arts, on his conference call with reporters Wednesday. "Why are you laughing? I'm serious. I'm dead serious. You know when I say something, I'm dead serious."

One problem. Ragnar doesn't actually have a horn that he blows. The post-touchdown horn sounds over the public address system. The ceremonial horn blown before games isn't on the field during the games.

"The Gjallarhorn is not on display during the game… just part of our pregame festivities," Steve LaCroix, Vikings vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed.

Either way, quarterback Brett Favre played along with the script, even if it is fictional.

"I don't want to see him score but that would be kind of cool to see him do that," Favre said. "Maybe they'll fight or something."

Informed that Ragnar has a motorcycle he rides on Mall of America Field, Ochocinco is probably scheming how he can use that to his marketing advantage.

"Oh, he has a motorcycle too? Oh (shoot), I could use that. Oh God, this going to be a fun game. I promise," he said.

Another problem, Ochocinco doesn't have his motorcycle's license.

"Maybe they can include that in the fine," he said.

Give the guy credit for doing what it takes to attract attention. He confirmed that he sets aside $100,000 before each season for his fines for celebrating, but he's feeling good since he has only $50,000 in fines so far this year.

The gregarious receiver posted his plans for the horn on his Twitter page Tuesday. On Wednesday morning he informed Vikings offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie via Twitter that he was going to run circles around Minnesota's defense. He also told McKinnie to be sure to pass the message on to his teammates.

While obviously seeking the attention, Ochocinco is also one of the league's better receivers and he apparently wants to face the best the Vikings have to offer. That might not happen with Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield having missed the last six games with a foot injury.

"I'm so frickin' pissed that Antoine Winfield is not playing. Is he playing or is he going to miss this one? He's about the most complete corner you can find in the NFL," Ochocinco said. "You have great corners, but you never find one that's complete – that can cover and tackle at the same time. I have so much respect for the dude. I really was looking forward to going against him once I saw the schedule for the season.

"You ever see Troy Polamalu play with the Steelers and the difference he makes in the game as far as flying up and making plays, making tackles. Certain players are not able to do that, but Antoine Winfield does. I've seen people try to run the ball and him jump through the backfield and then stop the play for a three-yard loss. That's something you don't see so you missed a lot when you don't have an Antoine Winfield in there. So I was looking forward to going against him and I'm freaking pissed."

Ochocinco will get the opportunity to face one of his former teammates. Vikings safety Madieu Williams played for the Bengals before signing with Minnesota as a free agent in 2008. Ochocinco said he respects Williams' business savvy, but of course he couldn't resist a jab.

"As a football player, he's really good. I'm looking forward to running him over him Sunday," Ochocinco said.

Throughout all the off-field hoopla, Ochocinco says he never hurts anyone.

"You know I'm all about fun. All about fun. It might be funny, but when I touch the field, it's all business. I'm really looking to embarrass you and my game backs up everything I do," he said.

Even if his plans for Sunday celebrations aren't realistic.

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