Favre on 'Pants' song: I was the fool

Brett Favre laughed about his attempt at the pop culture song "Pants on the Ground," a version of which he performed in front of the cameras in the post-game locker room Sunday. No matter how Favre felt about it, his teammates were giving him credit this week. Plus, the Vikings try out earplugs and we have other updates.

Brett Favre has the most experience of any Viking in NFC Championship games and is 2-2 in those efforts (all with the Green Bay Packers), but he said he made a fool out of himself in his post-game locker room performance after the Vikings' divisional playoff win against the Dallas Cowboys.

Favre performed the American Idol pop culture hit "Pants on the Ground" after the Vikings' win and video of his rendition took on a life of its own. FOX Sports aired Favre's performance and the video is all over YouTube. He talked about it after his formal press conference Wednesday. That video can be seen on the right-hand side of the front page of VikingUpdate.com in the video section.

"It's not like that song has a lot of words to it," Favre said. "It's ‘Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool' – which I was. That's why I left that out (the rest of the words) because I said it's bad enough."

Offensive lineman Artis Hicks, who has been known to walk around the locker room singing a tune or two, was more than willing to give the 40-year-old Favre a free pass on not knowing all the words to the song.

"Just for him to know the one or two lines that he knew is still marvelous," Hicks said.

Kicker Ryan Longwell said the snippet that was captured publicly is just one moment in time with Favre and the Vikings. Longwell also was teammates with Favre in Green Bay and he said that the quarterback's fun-loving ways have helped in the locker room all season.

"There's been a lot of stuff that we've been able to do with Brett that's been so much fun that's kept this group loose and kept this group focused," Longwell said. "There's no doubt we wouldn't be here without him. It's fun to see him enjoying it as much we're enjoying him. We've got a fun group, and (Sunday) the cameras just caught some of the stuff that we do behind the scenes."

Favre has become famous throughout his career for giving teammates forceful slaps on the behind and generally keeps the locker room loose. Longwell still sees a teammate who is having fun with the game.

"I went to the Super Bowl my first year with Brett at quarterback and Reggie (White) on defense," Longwell said. "You kind of thought we're going to go back every year and haven't been back since. I think with him he's having a lot of fun with the group of guys. He's having a lot of fun because he's playing well. I think he appreciates the situation we're in so much more, and that's something you can only get with age and being around the league a long time."


Several Vikings were trying out earplugs at Wednesday's practice in preparation for dealing with the expected noise at the Superdome in New Orleans.

"It was just something to try out," CB Antoine Winfield said. "… We expect it to be real loud down there. Crowd noise is going to be a factor."

Hicks was not among those who tried them.

"From the guys who tried them, some guys love them," Hicks said, saying that players would still be able to hear the play call in the huddle. "Brett has a loud voice. He's good when it comes to being in your face."


  • DE Ray Edwards (knee) and DT Kevin Williams (knee) did not practice Wednesday. DT Jimmy Kennedy (thumb), CB Benny Sapp (ankle) and DT Pat Williams (elbow) practiced fully. WR Bernard Berrian (ankle), G Steve Hutchinson (shoulder), LB Ben Leber (knee) and CB Antoine Winfield (foot) were limited.

  • For the Saints, CB Malcolm Jenkins (hamstring), WR Robert Meacham (ankle), S Darren Sharper (knee) and TE Jeremy Shockey (knee) did not practice. DE Bobby McCray (back) practiced fully.

  • Brad Childress received a three-year contract extension during the season and some questioned the timing of the decision. But after reaching the NFC Championship game, Childress said he can't worry about things like that all the time.

    "You don't want to get into if I had to be validated as a coach by wins and losses," Childress said. "Like I've said, I'd be in the fetal position at lot of the time by my locker. You know what you know. You do the best that you possibly can. We've got good players, good coaches, good ownership, and I'm not worried about getting validated."

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