Favre, Winfield out for Pro Bowl

Antoine Winfield and Brett Favre became the latest in a growing list of players that have opted out of the Pro Bowl.

Maybe this whole "play the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl to increase interest" thing wasn't such a great idea after all.

Aside from the numerous players who have already opted out of the NFL all-star game and the 14 players from the Colts and Saints that won't play because they're preparing for the Super Bowl, two veteran Vikings players won't be making the trip.

Brett Favre and Antoine Winfield both informed the league that they won't be taking part in the Pro Bowl next Sunday in Miami. They were replaced on the NFC roster by a pair of Dallas Cowboys - quarterback Tony Romo and cornerback Mike Jenkins.

Favre, who suffered an ankle injury Sunday night, likely wasn't going to play even if he came out of the game with a clean bill of health. Winfield, who has been nursing a foot injury since October, was named earlier this much as an injury replacement himself, but will also bow out of the Pro Bowl.

Thought to be a way to increase interest in the game by taking it out of Hawaii and putting it before the Super Bowl, the plan has been the subject of debate among fans, since players with minor injuries or no injuries, like AFC quarterbacks Tom Brady and Philip Rivers, have opted out. Just add Favre and Winfield to the list of top players who will be no-shows next Sunday.

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