Favre photos back tough-guy image

Photos of Brett Favre's injuries in the NFC Championship Game surfaced Tuesday when Favre's agent, Bus Cook, e-mailed them to a Mississippi reporter. Not only was Favre's ankle swollen badly, but the back of his thigh was purple because of a hamstring injury.

Since the end of the Vikings season a little more than a week ago, Brett Favre has come under a lot of criticism for his interception in the final seconds of regulation against the Saints in the NFC Championship Game. In the locker room, he looked like an MMA fighter who had a much tougher opponent than the cream puff that laid down for Herschel Walker Saturday night. His face was scratched from having his helmet knocked around and he was bruised and battered.

More accurately, he was bruising and battered. Things got worse. Much worse.

Rick Cleveland, a writer for The Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Miss., is friends with Favre's agent, Bus Cook. He asked Cook how his much-discussed client Favre was doing. He said he was pretty beat up and backed it up thanks to technology.

Cook sent digital photos in an e-mail to Cleveland, which he said are photos of Favre after the game. For those interested, the can be found at www.clarionledger.com. What you see might change your mind about both the toughness of Favre and what remains a daily reminder of what he would be putting himself through to come back for another season.

Be forewarned. The photos show the extent of the bruising to both Favre's injured left ankle, which is swollen to grotesque proportions, but also his right hamstring, which is a multi-colored mess. If you have a tender constitution, you may want to pass on checking it out. But, if you want a clearer picture of the extent of the injuries Favre had already sustained at the time he returned for the fourth quarter to lead the Vikings offense into Saints territory three times – whether you've been praising him or burying him – this may either reinforce your point of view or do a 180-degree change of opinion.

Following the game Sunday, Favre limped to the shower looking like someone who had just fought Floyd Mayweather for 12 rounds and got the worst of it from the opening bell. To see just how extensive those injuries were – and what happened hours after the tape came off – is a testament to why Favre has played in every game of his professional career. The worst part? If the Vikings had won, we likely would know little to nothing about the extent of his injuries. That's what tough guys do.


  • For those who missed it (lucky!), former Viking Herschel Walker made his mixed martial arts debut. It has become the source of controversy because, although Walker won the match, it was on a big card with significant "I could kill you in three seconds" type of MMA fighters. Walker's match was clearly put on the undercard to draw non-fans in for the "freak factor." His hand-picked opponent, by MMA standards, was the equivalent of a white belt in karate going up against a guy who has been a yellow belt for far too long. You can find it on YouTube if you choose. Almost immediately, sports pariah Jose Canseco has dropped the gauntlet with a challenge. Can Vince McMahon be too far away? For age 47, Walker is in phenomenal shape. But this isn't like former Viking Brock Lesnar stepping into the cage. Eventually, Herschel will be telling a reporter in the third person how Herschel got beat up badly. Good luck, Herschel. You have a lot of fans in Minnesota, many of them waiting to learn of your next opponent.

  • In an interview on WFAN-AM Radio in New York, former serial fumbler Tiki Barber said Adrian Peterson is "becoming a liability" for the Vikings offense with his fumbling. While it sounds like a Tarkentonesque slam, who would know better than Tiki how much fumbling can kill a team's chances of winning?

  • A stage collapse at the Super Bowl injured four people at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Tuesday. Given the ages of the members of The Who, the halftime headliner at Super Bowl XLIV, they had better get it fixed. Rock legends shouldn't break their hips playing a nine-minute medley of their hits.

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