Power back part of the plans?

Chester Taylor is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent in less than a month, so the Vikings have to investigate all their options in supplying the roster. One of those options was a power back at the Senior Bowl that they talked with. Find out more about his attitude and his Senior Bowl experience in this interview with Scout.com's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: Rashawn, what's Senior Bowl week been like for you so far?

Rashawn Jackson: The first day we were knocking the rust off a little bit, but the second day was a lot more smooth for most of the guys. We came out here and had a killer practice. I told the guys we have to get better everyday and collectively come together as one on Saturday. It's been a good experience, a blessing, and I'm taking full advantage of it.

Thompson: So even though this is a mish mash of players who have come together from all over the country, it sounds like you're already trying to get that team mentality going.

Jackson: Exactly. There is a quote that I go by, 'The best players don't always make the best teams but the best teams always win.' Therefore, collectively I think we can do what we do if we put our minds together.

Thompson: That's excellent. Now obviously there are skills you want to showcase while you are here in Mobile. What is it about you as a player that you're hoping the scouts see?

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Jackson: I just want them to see my excitement, my love for the game, my passion, my aggressiveness, obviously the ability to pick up on the playbook. And my transition from New Jersey to Virginia to Florida - where I'm training now - shows that I can move around and be anywhere. For the most part, I want them to know I am a team guy. I am all about winning, so whatever is necessary - whether it's me playing on special teams or sitting on the bench and cheering for everybody - I am willing to do whatever needs to be done.

Thompson: As you've been training, what have been the most challenging things or fun things that you are learning?

Jackson: I'm learning a lot about body alignment. I'm a power guy, and I just like running through people. So I'm learning a lot more about how to control my body in terms of body lines and posture. 

Thompson: A lot of guys strive to be in the NFL. Why do you believe that you're going to make it?

Jackson: Because failure is not an option. God put me here for a reason and he is leading every step of mine. I'm very blessed to have this opportunity and I'm going to take full advantage of it. There are going to be some tough times, but tough people get tougher with the tough times. Tough times are only momentary - just like pain - so I figure if I go out there and give it my all, my best effort, and be who I am, I will be fine.

Thompson: Part of the excitement of Senior Bowl week is getting to talk with NFL talent evaluators for the first time. Who are just a few of the teams that you've talked to so far?

Jackson: I spoke to the 49ers, who I grew up liking, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago, Atlanta, and a some other teams. It's just been a great experience.

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