Vikings are restricted ones in free agency

The Vikings weren't likely to be ultra aggressive in free agency this year with a bad economy and stadium situation, but they will be forced to limit their activity anyway because of rules governing the final four teams in the playoffs. New rules with the uncapped year in free agency will limit their ability with unrestricted free agents and trades.

It would appear that the hits keep on coming for the Vikings and the free-agent period coming in three weeks.

First there was the language built into the collective bargaining agreement designed to limit what the final eight teams in the playoffs would be able to do in the offseason of an uncapped year. The restrictions placed on the Vikings, Saints, Colts and Jets call for none of those team being able to sign a unrestricted free agent until they lose one of their own.

It would appear the situation is worse than initially thought. Not only can the Vikings not sign an unrestricted free agent until they lose one of their own, there is stipulation that says the value of the first year of the replacement free agent can't be more than the first-year salary paid to the free agent who signed elsewhere, meaning that the Vikings will be hamstrung to sign a unrestricted free agent to a contract at or below the level of that signed by any unrestricted free agent they would lose. In addition, a clause prohibiting more than a 30 percent increase in pay from one year to the next would also be in force.

However, the language of the CBA also extends into potential trades of franchised players. If the Vikings (or Saints, Colts or Jets) had a disgruntled player who would be an unrestricted free agent that they wanted to trade and could only do so by franchising the player, because they are in the final four teams, the only way they could essentially trade a franchise player would be to get the full amount a team would surrender to steal away a franchise player – two first-round draft picks. As crazy as it sounds, the league and the players union instituted such language to prevent a team from trying to load up in an uncapped season. But is it serving its purpose?

The Vikings weren't expected to be overly busy in the free agent market to begin with, but with the oppressive restrictions placed on them by the Final Eight Plan, it would seem that any free agent activity (if any) the team undertakes in the offseason will have to be of the low-rent variety – not by choice, but by force.


  • A spokesman for the investment group preparing to build a stadium in the City of Industry near Los Angeles said Monday that the group expects to have a team in L.A. for the 2011 season. The group has targeted seven teams – the Vikings, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oakland, St. Louis San Diego and San Francisco.

  • Look for teams to start applying the franchise tag in the coming days. Teams have nine more days to designate players as franchise or transition free agents prior to the start of free agency March 5. There have been rumors that the Vikings would consider using their franchise tag on Chester Taylor, but that would be a high price to pay for a backup.

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