Pack Scared, Vikes Ready

The Packers are nervous about the Vikings in 2003, because they're finally taking my advice and robbing from the rich to feed the poor.

For those of you who don't subscribe to the print version of VU, you probably don't know who I am. That's fine. Let this serve as your introduction.

After you read this, go check out the Green Bay beat writers (at the Green Bay and Milwaukee papers). Either in today's or tomorrow's edition, the truth is going to come out -- my prophecy will be fulfilled.

Ever since wholesale free agency came into existence, I have always espoused the Vikings going after free agents from teams within their own division. Granted, until now, they were low-balling and going after dregs. That day has passed. Now they can lay the smack down on anyone they want. And who better than the Packers.

In what started out as a "hey, how you doing?" conversation with a Packers insider turned into a rare bit. The Pack is running scared because they realize that the Vikes have finally taken the advise of their Mob counsel (me, consigliere du jour) to hit fast and hard on their only obstacle to a division title.

It's going to be reported soon that the Vikes are after not only considering DE Vonnie Holliday, but CB Tyrone Williams, who will be a cap casualty soon for the Packers. They want to keep him, but his cap number is too high. By already commiting to Cleditus Hunt as a transitional free agent, the Packers have made some hard internal decisions.

Our Pack source is saying the Vikings are, from their terms, on a short leash with Red McCombs, but that the Red Man will approve any key free agent signings that would weaken the Packers -- the only team standing between the Vikings and a NFC North title.

Don't take my word for it. Click on line to the Packer papers this weekend and get their take. Their sky is falling. God, I love to hear that.

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