Vikes Try to Hit Fast on O'Donnell

The saga of Neil O'Donnell took a turn Tuesday, as the Vikings showed him what he'd look like in purple.

The Vikings may have taken a cue from the cult classic "Waiting for Guffman." While Mike Tice is no Corky St. Clair, he wants Neil O'Donnell to visualize -- visualize himself as a Viking.

As a prop in that regard, Tice had a Vikings jersey with O'Donnell's name on it hanging on the wall in the locker room at Winter Park. His intention is clear -- O'Donnell is the man he wants. The question now is whether O'Donnell wants to come here.

It may not have helped the team's case that temperatures were hovering around zero degrees, but the pitch made from Tice and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan were sincere and likely more money than most teams will offer. Today, O'Donnell will get a physical and VU has been told the Vikings will make a proposal.

Contrary to some published reports, which say O'Donnell is furious with the Titans for releasing him instead of renegotiating his contract, VU has been told by people close to the situation that O'Donnell hasn't burned off ties with the Titans and may end up back in Tennessee if the offers coming his way aren't significantly more than he would receive in Tennessee.

What Vikings fans should look for is early next week. If O'Donnell is interested, he is expected to return on Tuesday with his wife -- giving her a chance to see the city and be a part of the decision-making process. Hopefully for Tice and Vikings fans, the weather will be a little warmer than it was yesterday.

* In court documents obtained earlier this week, the Vikings are claiming that Korey Stringer was on weight loss supplements containing the herb ephedra. The documents also included a mini-bombshell. When Stringer's autopsy was done, the report said no drugs were found in his system, but the documents obtained by VU said that ephedra was never tested for -- even though it was the first suspect in aiding to the shutdown of his organs. The recent death of a Baltimore Orioles pitcher from similar circumstances could help the Vikings legal battle with a jury. Stringer roommate Dave Dixon said in an affidavit that Stringer was taking ephedra -- including on the day he died.
* The final cap numbers are in, and the numbers got another minor spike of about $200,000. The official cap number for NFL teams for this year will be $75.007 million.
* Former Viking unemployed news Part I: It looks like Dwayne Rudd is going to be released soon by Cleveland and, if he's not willing to lower his cap number, CB Corey Fuller may be following him out the door. * Former Vikings unemployed news Part II: The Dolphins have told Cris Carter he can move on. A quiet rumor has it that, if Carter wants to return to Minnesota for one more year, the possibility is open for a return, but not probable.
* Offensive tackle Orlando Brown will be in town Monday. Tice hopes to get him signed very quickly, but Brown has a handful of other visits scheduled.
* Among the players who may be added to the Vikings' free agent wish list are Denver CB Denard Walker and Lions WR Germane Crowell -- both released Tuesday -- and Packer WR Terry Glenn, who is expected to be released soon and has been given permission to shop himself around.
* Can you cash this? VU has been told that Red McCombs cut Randy Moss' $8 million signing bonus check for the remaider of his $15 million total Tuesday and Randy can throw that cash on the pile.

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