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Insider NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0: Will there be any surprises in this year's first update? Who will be the first...

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 10:31:00 AM

Draft redo: Peterson and Rice as top-10 picks

In an era where fans are producing mock drafts, Google returns 4,550,000 pages for a search of "2010 nfl mock draft" and helpfully narrows it down to 3,630,000 pages. The opinions can be dizzying – no matter how far off-base they are.

Even some of the most respected draft analysts in the national media get less than 25 percent of the picks right in first round of their mock drafts, which makes a draft redo even more interesting. That's exactly what Bucky Brooks of did with the 2007 draft, the first one for Rick Spielman as point man of personnel for the Vikings (hat tip to Mike Wobschall of for finding it).

In that 2007 draft, the Vikings got RB Adrian Peterson with the seventh pick. In Brooks' draft redo with the benefit of three seasons of hindsight, Peterson goes first overall to the Oakland Raiders instead of JaMarcus Russell, the quarterback they are still looking to replace.

Peterson "has been an absolute terror since entering the league and moves up six spots due to his game-breaking production," Brooks wrote. "Peterson has finished among the top five rushers in the league in each of his three NFL seasons, including leading the league in 2008. That's the kind of production that is normally expected of the top pick in the draft."

With Peterson off of Brooks' "draft do-over," the Vikings end up taking Texas safety Michael Griffin. Two picks later, the Miami Dolphins select WR Sidney Rice ninth overall instead of the player they really took, WR Ted Ginn, who has never lived up to his predraft promise.

Brooks doesn't go into a second round in his draft redo article, but Vikings fans will remember that Dwayne Jarrett was considered at least an equal to Sidney Rice, if not a better pick. Try telling that to the Carolina Panthers now, who selected Jarrett right after the Vikings selected Rice. Their career numbers since then: Rice 129 catches for 1,849 yards and 16 touchdowns (including 83-1,312-8 in a Pro Bowl 2009 season); Jarrett has 33-388-1 (including 17-196-1 in a career year in 2009).

But an interesting question is this: How would Vikings fans feel about Chester Taylor at running back, Michael Griffin at safety and Dwayne Jarrett at wide receiver (although Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin would clearly start ahead of him)?


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Revenue sharing gets one last ruling: Supplemental revenue sharing may be on the way out in the NFL, but a special...

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 10:00:00 AM

Another L.A. stadium plan emerging

The Vikings would love to have funding in place for a new stadium in Minneapolis emerge in the next month before the legislative session ends, but until that happens – if ever – the Vikings will be linked to the possibility of moving to Los Angeles, much like the former Minneapolis professional basketball team.

So anything significant that happens with a stadium project in Los Angeles is news back in Minnesota. Such is the case with the story of competing stadium proposals in and around Los Angeles, which doesn't currently have an NFL team but has well-heeled people in the area who would like to change that.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Casey Wasserman and Tim Leiweke are getting back into the stadium game in L.A., a scene they left alone for the last eight years. Now they are in the planning stages of putting an NFL-ready stadium behind the Staples Center, the same place that now houses Minnesota's former NBA team.

The plan would be in direct competition with Ed Roski's group, which has been advancing a project to build a stadium in the nearby City of Industry, but Roski's point man, John Semcken, said the Wasserman-Leiweke plan doesn't affect the Industry plan.

"It doesn't change what we're doing at all," he told the Times. "Doesn't influence anything we're doing one bit."

As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk one-lined: "I love the smell of denial in the morning."


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Posted by: Kevin Brown
on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 11:39:00 PM

Gruden's QB Camp videos offer insight into top prospects

The ESPN pre-draft quarterback camp series that former NFL coach Jon Gruden hosts is incredibly good insight into the game and the top QB prospects.  It's sure to generate differing opinions, but here's my take of each prospect and how they may or may not be a fit for the Vikings:

QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma – In all likelihood, Bradford goes No. 1 to the St. Louis Rams, but my take is that he stands just as much chance of being yet another high first-round bust as he does becoming a success.  He is far from a sure-fire superstar and not a genuine No. 1 overall pick, in my opinion.  And I'm not so sure the situation with the Rams will be an easy transition for him.  He could turn out just fine, but I'm glad he's long gone by the time Minnesota picks.

QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame – Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but Clausen's interaction with Gruden just doesn't give me a positive vibe.  His responses seem very rehearsed.  His delivery seems problematic, in that he appears to telegraph his throws.  I have major questions about him becoming the new face of a franchise.  Adding to this, when they showed footage of his workout with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell watching, he seemed very disinterested.  Some feel Clausen is the top QB in this draft and the most ready to play right away.  I'd be perfectly content to see him gone long before Minnesota comes up.

QB Tim Tebow, Florida – I got perhaps the most positive "feel" from the Tebow piece.  The way he engaged with Gruden seemed extremely genuine.  He has indeed come a long way with his mechanics and appears to have the mental capacity, competitive nature and physical tools to be a top-flight quarterback.  But he does look somewhat mechanical and raw.  Perhaps a reach in the first round, but a pretty safe pick just about anywhere after that.  I can see why the Vikings are rumored to like Tebow.  But do they like him at No. 30?  If there's a head coach that could possibly afford the "gamble" on Tebow that high, it might be Brad Childress, who just signed a contract extension.

QB Colt McCoy, Texas – You can't help but have concerns about McCoy's durability and arm strength.  But he indeed looks very West Coast Offense-ready.  He's a winner who should have a nice pro career as long as he ends up in the right system.  And the Vikings system would be a good fit.  At the bottom of Round One, I think he's a reach.  At the bottom of Round Two, I think he's a terrific value.  However, I think he's likely to actually go somewhere in between.

If both Tebow and McCoy land elsewhere on Draft Day, it's still very likely the Vikings take a flier on a Tyler Thigpen, developmental-type prospect later in the draft.

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Positional Analysis: Middle linebackers: An impact position, this year's middle linebacker class is a bit thin on ...

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Thanks to Paul Allen (love the passion) for having me on KFAN this morning to talk #Vikings draft. I'll let you know if I see a podcast.

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The #Vikings announced that they waived WR Vinny Perretta, who was on the practice squad last year.

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