Childress continues to talk with Favre

Brett Favre apparently isn't giving the Vikings any answers about his playing future, but head coach Brad Childress continues to the keep the lines of communication open with his Pro Bowl quarterback.

Vikings coach Brad Childress remains in contact with QB Brett Favre, as recently as Monday.

"He told me he was spraying weeds yesterday. I didn't ask him whether it was with DDT or Rid or whatever they spray weeds with down there. But he seems to be doing pretty well," Childress said Tuesday during a predraft press conference.

However, there is no news on whether Favre will return to the Vikings for a 20th NFL season or not. He is under contract for 2010, but is once again keeping his retirement options open.

"I'm not sure," Childress said when asked if there was a resolution to Favre's playing status. "I texted him. I sent him a picture of our beautiful setting out the back of my (office) window and told him, I said, ‘Shoot, it's beautiful here now. It's so warm and green here you almost think you're next to the equator.' So I sent him a picture off my cell phone with exactly that message."

Childress said Favre's status wouldn't affect the Vikings' decision on whether or not to draft a quarterback in this year's draft.

Childress also confirmed that the Vikings will be playing an NFC North opponent in Week 17, but he wouldn't name the opponent (that's since been announced as the Detroit Lions). He has seen the entire schedule and was asked about opening up against the New Orleans Saints on Sept. 9 after the Vikings lost there in overtime in the NFC Championship Game.

"I can't imagine it being any more charged than the last time we were down there. That's always a great hostile environment to play in," Childress said.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the Vikings will play in New Orleans on that season-opening Thursday during a chat on Tuesday. The rest of the schedule was released at 6 p.m. Central.

Childress said Favre can see for himself the importance of that game.

"There is no sense in killing an ant with a sledgehammer. I think he would be able to connect the dots," Childress said.

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