Early draft grades assess Vikings as average

The Vikings got mixed reviews on their draft by the national media, especially on a player-by-player basis. Some liked Chris Cook, some liked Toby Gerhart, some liked Everson Griffen. But overall nearly all the analysts ranked it average at best.

The reviews are in and, at best, the national media's initial kneejerk reaction to the Vikings 2010 draft has been lukewarm.

With the draft now a full day-plus in the rearview mirror, some noted draft observers have started passing judgment. Some gave letter grades. Some didn't. However, they all had opinions on the Vikings' decision to draft guys like Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart and Everson Griffen.

Here is an early taste of what the rest of the NFL world thinks of the Vikings draft.

Jarrett Bell, USA Today — Gave the Vikings a grade of C – which ranked 19th overall. Liked both Cook and Gerhart.

Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News — Gave the Vikings a C grade, but liked both Cook and Gerhart where they were taken. It should be noted that only Washington and Jacksonville got a grade worse than a C.

Mel Kiper, ESPN — Claimed "this draft just didn't impress me." Didn't like either Cook or Gerhart where they were taken. Did think Griffen could be a solid value. Kiper would have been a good teacher to have in college. He gave the Vikings a C- grade. Only two teams – Atlanta and Jacksonville – scored worse.

Todd McShay, Scouts Inc./ESPN — Used an interesting (and complicated) formula that includes how teams addressed team needs not just with draft picks but with trades as well, which can have a big impact on the draft. By their formula, the Vikings ranked 24th in the draft.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sportsline — Liked the Cook selection and thinks Griffen could be a steal, but didn't like the selection of Gerhart, much less trading up to get him. Gave the Vikings a draft grade of C+, which tied with the Packers for the best draft grade in the division.

Gregg Rosenthal and Evan Silva, NBCSports.com — Gave the Vikings a D+ grade, claiming the Vikings dropped the ball by not taking CB Patrick Robinson at No. 30 and asserting that Gerhart fills a need, but not that of a third-down back. The D+ grade tied with Buffalo for the worst ranking of all 32 teams.

Ross Tucker, SI.com — He loved the Gerhart pick and thinks Griffen could replace Ray Edwards, but didn't like Cook, saying the Vikings should have traded ahead of the Jets to take Boise State CB Kyle Wilson.

More votes will be coming in, but, after sending shockwaves through recent drafts with the acquisition of guys like Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, it would seem the national media types are more than a little cool on the Vikings Class of 2010.


  • Ryan Perrilloux, the much-hyped quarterback that was kicked off the LSU squad in the spring of 2008 and finished out his college career at small Jacksonville State, is scheduled to be at the Vikings rookie camp next weekend, according to the Jacksonville State web site. Perrilloux is a client of agent Bus Cook, who most Vikings fans know by now also represents Brett Favre. Perrilloux was dismissed by LSU after being suspended twice before his eventual release, which cited testing positive for marijuana, not attending classes and missing meetings and workout sessions.

  • Thursday's prime-time showing of the first round got higher Nielsen ratings than The Office, Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock.

  • Former Viking Chris Hovan is apparently being shopped around by the Buccaneers. According to local reports, if the Bucs can't find a trade partner, Hovan may be released.

  • What's a draft without Matt Millen screwing something up. In an attempt at humor, Millen made happy banter with Ron Jaworski and the subject of fried bologna sandwiches was brought up by Millen, who said "ask any Polack in Buffalo what they like them, right Jaws?" Within minutes, Millen was alone on the college football ESPN set giving a somewhat forced apology in the event he offended people of Polish descent. It will be interesting to see if Millen faces some sort of penalty for his comments. Clearly, someone at ESPN felt strongly enough to force an immediate on-air apology, so Millen's draft history continues to get worse.

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