Recruiting experts weigh in on Perrilloux

Ryan Perrilloux generates a lot of interest because of his big talent as a quarterback and his numerous team transgressions at LSU. Those who saw his game and talked to him during his transition from high school to college talked about his impressive skills and their outlook on his past.

Ryan Perrilloux has had many chances. The Vikings are giving him at least one more.

Perrilloux is one of at least two quarterbacks that will be at Winter Park this weekend during the Vikings' rookie minicamp. The other, undrafted R.J. Archer of William & Mary, is signed. Perrilloux is on a tryout basis, most likely because of his inability to put together a consistent college career despite glowing reviews of his talent.

Only Mark Sanchez, now with the New York Jets, had a better quarterbacking ranking from during Perrilloux's recruiting days to college, but because of his immense talent Perrilloux was named the Player of Year.

"Perriloux was not only ranked the No. 2 quarterback prospect in the country behind Mark Sanchez, he was ranked the No. 2 prospect in the country regardless of position," said Scott Kennedy,'s director of scouting. "As a (scouting) team, we thought Sanchez was more refined and further ahead at the position, but I think we were also fairly unanimous that Perriloux's upside was off the charts."

That upside is what kept Perrilloux receiving one chance after another. Numerous team violations prevented his LSU coaches from turning over the reins to him, and after a suspension and another violation, his scholarship was eventually revoked. He reportedly failed a drug test, was arrested for entering a casino with a fake ID, was involved in a fight, and missed classes and team meetings.

Those who scouted Perrilloux coming out of high school believe the LaPlace, La., native just needed to get away from his roots and the celebratory attitude surrounding him.

"I have seen him play numerous times from his days at LSU, and a boatload of talent," said recruiting analyst Andrew Bone. "He just needed to remove himself from the surroundings in Baton Rouge of an old entourage who seemed to keep hanging around the future NFL star."

His physical talents are obvious to those who have seen him play.

"For all the measurables – height, athleticism, arm strength – Perrilloux had all of those coming out of high school," said Miller Safrit, another recruiting expert for "He is the only quarterback I have ever seen in person who could actually make the football whistle due to his velocity at that level. "

Because of his team transgressions, LSU never fully committed to him, but when Perrilloux got a chance to play, he impressed.

In 2007, his last season with Tigers, he helped lead LSU to the National Championship Game when he filled in for starter Matt Flynn for two games. Perrilloux was named the MVP of the SEC Championship after completing 20 of 30 passes for 243 yards and a touchdown. For the season, he completed 51 of 75 passes for 694 yards, eight touchdown and two interceptions while rushing for 207 yards and two touchdowns.

After having his scholarship revoked at LSU, the 6-foot-2, 227-pounder transferred to Jacksonville (La.) State, where he connected on 138 of 236 passes last year for 2,345 yards, 23 touchdowns and two interceptions.

"To this date, when I'm scouting a quarterback, I use Ryan Perrilloux as the benchmark of arm strength," Kennedy said. "I think it was even stronger than Matthew Stafford's, who I've said has a generational type of arm along the lines of John Elway and Brett Favre. Perrilloux also had Vince Young type of mobility and could have played several positions athletically."

While the Vikings wait on a decision from Favre on his future, Perrilloux will get a chance with the team this weekend. He has the same agent, Bus Cook, as Favre, and if he earns a contract with Minnesota he could use Favre's summertime layoff as an opportunity to stick with the Vikings through training camp. Favre and Perrilloux were filmed together, presumably in Louisiana, earlier this week and Favre appeared to be giving Perrilloux football pointers.

"It's definitely a great opportunity to just play football again and do something I love to do. Be around a great bunch of guys," Perrilloux told WWLTV in Louisiana. "Being out here with Brett, just a great opportunity to learn (and) suck up as much knowledge as I possibly can."

The more time Perrilloux has to showcase his physical skills and show the team he can avoid trouble, the better chance he has.

"I've also used Perriloux as an example of how it can all go badly if the right choices aren't made off the field," Kennedy said. "I had a chance to be around him a lot in San Antonio, Texas, during the Army All-American Bowl, and he didn't strike me as a bad kid, just one that could have used a change of scenery to get away from home."

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