Tebow tops Favre in one category

It's not even certain if Tim Tebow will become a starting quarterback in the NFL, let alone a franchise type, but at least he is setting some records before he even throws a preseason pass. Broncos fans are buying the Tebow hype, and the Tebow jerseys.

Move over, Brett Favre. We have a new leader in the clubhouse for post-draft jersey sales.

In 2009, the top-selling jersey was Favre – despite not joining the Vikings until August. The furor over getting Favre jerseys became an obsession for many Vikings fans – spiking Favre's numbers to the top of the charts.

There is an interesting cyclical process to selling jerseys. If somebody bought a Peyton Manning jersey five or six years ago and it's still in good shape, why buy another one? Such is the fate of being a franchise player who stays with the same team. Unless the jersey changes, sales peak and decline.

A year ago at this time, the leading jersey seller was Mark Sanchez, not top pick Matthew Stafford. He was in New York, he was a pretty boy, and many of the same Jets fans that threw their Favre jerseys into the pile with their jerseys of Boomer Esiason, Chad Pennington, Vinny Testaverde and Neil O'Donnell were buying the Sanchize hype. His jersey sales in the week following the 2009 draft established a new record for a rookie. That record lasted just one year.

So who is it this year? Not Sam Bradford (he's third among rookies). Not even the Redskins' version of a Donovan McNabb jersey. It's Denver's Tim Tebow. Will Broncos/Tebow fans be wearing them in three years? Stay tuned, but, for the short-term anyway, Tebow is being a positive for the Broncos organization – and their mechandising coffers.


  • The Vikings have record 36 players taking part in this weekend's minicamp on a tryout basis. Typically, if a player impresses the coaching staff enough to get a contract offer following a tryout, the signing comes relatively quick. If the Vikings do sign any of the tryout invitees, expect the signings to come as early as tonight or Monday.

  • The Vikings have named their 2010 cheerleaders and photos of the 34 cheerleaders making up the 2010 squad. The 2010 Vikings cheerleaders include an Alicia, an Ali, an Alysia, an Alissa as well as a Lissa. Perhaps to keep the dogs at bay, they don't list last names, heights or weights. However, there are plenty of solid cheerleader names among the Class of 2010, including Ashley, Bailey, Brianna, Brooke, Chelsey, Jacqueline, Kaylee, Missy, Nikki, Peyton, Rachel and Whitney. Note to self: I have to find a way to interview Pam.

  • Buzz is growing that, with the draft over, former Viking Darren Sharper is going to sign a contract – whether with the Saints or another team like the Jaguars – within the next couple of days.

  • With 55 players taking part in the weekend minicamp and the not many roster spots available, head coach Brad Childress was asked if the competition between players is more heated because they have a very limited time to make an impression.

    "There is elevated intensity since – who knows? – it may be their one and only swing for some guys," Childress said. "We just ask them to put themselves in the best possible position in terms of how they came to us, conditioning-wise and then trying to flash something for us. What we don't want is we don't want someone to get run into and get hurt, but it's football. There are going to be some collisions which we are not wild about. I would say you see that heightened since of urgency."

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