Calling All Cornerbacks

One of the first signings the Vikings hope to make is a veteran cornerback. That quest continues.

The Vikings had hoped to make a run at Dre Bly -- viewed by many as the best cornerback available in this year's free agent crop. With Bly signing with Detroit before his scheduled visit with Vikings officials Tuesday, the team has turned its sights elsewhere.

The process of getting past Bly is already underway. Former Raider Tory James is already in town, an offer has been extended to former Viking Corey Fuller, and Dexter McCleon, late of the Rams, is expected in later this week.

While the Vikings missed out on Bly, don't expect to see too many more CB's come and go before the team snags one of them.

* On the Bly issue, VU has been told by an inside Rams source that, while the team wanted to keep Bly, they (and the Vikings) believe Detroit overspent (five years for almost $25 million). Matt Millen orchestrate a bonehead move? Go figure. * While the Vikings have a sincere interest in former teammate Fuller, there is no such interest (yet) in bringing Dwayne Rudd back.
* The Vikings have contacted the agent for Packers CB Tyrone Williams in hopes of getting him in town for a visit.
* OT Orlando Brown is in the Twin Cities, and the Vikings hope to make a strong push to get him signed before he leaves.
* Reserve Green Bay DL Billy Lyon will visit Winter Park tomorrow.
* Punter/kickoff specialist Toby Gowin has scheduled a visit with the team for later this week.
* Daniel Snyder, Redskins owner and impetuous idiot, has always taken the fast and furious approach to free agency. Since free agency opened Friday, he has signed eight players.
* TE Hunter Goodwin has a visit scheduled with Oakland. If anyone makes him a serious offer, he will likely be a former Viking soon.
* Unlike Goodwin, VU is hearing strong indications that Lance Johnstone will be staying.
* In court news, it's looking like the drug ephedra will be at the center of the Stringer family lawsuit against the Vikings. In recent court documents obtained by VU, a statement from Matt Birk said 20 or more players (including himself) were using the product Ripped Fuel, which contains ephedra. The family contends that the Vikings promoted the weight-loss drug -- a charge the Vikings say is untrue. With the recent death of a baseball pitcher linked to ephedra, the Stringer lawsuit is going to get more attention, just get uglier and give the Vikings a public relations black eye.

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