King puts Vikings at unlucky 13

The Vikings will be on the outside looking in when the playoffs start next year, according to Peter King's prognostications. Of course, that's better news than having King predict the Vikings for greatness since his predictions often fall flat.

If Peter King of Sports Illustrated is right, the Vikings may find themselves looking up at the Packers when all is said done in 2010.

In his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column for SI, King ranked the 32 NFL teams and has put the Packers at No. 1 and doesn't list the Vikings until No. 13 – a spot in which not only would they not defend their division title, but wouldn't make the playoffs.

After the Packers, he has San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Miami, the Jets, Carolina, the Giants, Dallas, Seattle and Pittsburgh rounding out the top 12 teams for the playoff field for the 2010 season.

King's take on the Vikings was pretty short and sweet: "Whether old What's His Name comes back or not will determine Minnesota's fate. Brett Favre or no Brett Favre, the Vikings have an offensive line in decline."

Fortunately for the Vikings, by his own admission, King stinks at making such predictions. Last year, he ranked the eventual Super Bowl champion Saints at No. 24 and picked the Bears to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Vikings fans hope his aim is as far off this year and that 13 proves to be a lucky number for the Vikings.


  • The Vikings went away from the norm Monday with the signing of rookie Ryan D'Imperio. Typically, the Vikings haven't signed rookie draft picks until the days and weeks leading up to training camp. While they still have seven draft picks to go, it's a positive sign to see them getting contracts done at this early date.

  • The Minnesota Legislature finished its session without a stadium deal getting done. Gov. Tim Pawlenty said something needs to be done for getting a new stadium, but that he won't call a special session this year to address the matter.

  • In an interview with ESPN, Jets owner Woody Johnson said he has no regrets about bringing in Favre for one season and that it was "a privilege to have him in the building."

  • Rumors continue to persist that the Redskins are looking to trade defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and that the Vikings continue to be named as a team of interest. That could be more on Washington's end in an attempt to bolster his trade value than the Vikings having a legitimate and immediate interest.

  • In the final irony of King's SI column is that he picked the Bears to go to the Super Bowl a year ago and has them as being worse than the Lions this year. He has Detroit ranked at No. 24 and the Bears at No. 25.

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