Poll results dampen good Friday

Vikings fans were encouraged by Brett Favre's surgery and court rulings in the StarCaps case on Friday, but the biggest long-term issue – a new stadium – could be a thorn in the team's side if a new poll is any indication.

The news that Brett Favre has had the ankle surgery that many believe was needed for him to play again in 2010 should give the Vikings fan base a burst of energy. It may be needed if the results of a poll conducted by Minnesota Public Radio and the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs are an accurate reflection of how Minnesotans are responding to the Vikings' quest to get a new stadium.

The poll results, which came with an uncharacteristically large margin of error of plus/minus 5.8 percent, stated that 64 percent of respondents oppose public funding for a new stadium, while 30 percent supported the idea and 6 percent remained undecided.

The poll included the caveat for opponents that understood the Vikings potentially could leave Minnesota if a stadium that requires public funding wasn't approved, which makes the numbers even more disturbing for Vikings fans. For most state legislators, especially representatives who have to be re-elected every two years, the sad reality is that, for many of them, their primary political objective once elected is to assure that they get re-elected. If those poll numbers are anywhere close to an accurate reflection of the pulse of Minnesotans, it may be difficult for a lot of legislators on the fence not to bow to constituent pressure.

There has long been the belief that a Vikings stadium deal will require at least a couple of high-profile political champions to push a financing bill through the House and the Senate. For Vikings fans, those legislators are going to have to step up and be counted. Unfortunately, in the political climate in which we now live, that may be easier said than done.


  • On his official website Friday, Favre made the following statement: "This is to confirm that I did have a procedure to remove some scar tissue and bone spurs from my ankle which had been bothering me for a period of time. I appreciate your concerns. Thanks, Brett."

  • Those who travel by the Metrodome will notice a pretty significant change. The ugly bubble-wrap teflon roof of the dome has long been a dingy white. Now it has official notification that, underneath the bubble, lies Mall of America Field. The logo for the field has been placed on the dome's roof, giving the MOA a little more bang for its corporate-sponsor buck. The signage was supposed to begin last season after the Twins vacated the Metrodome, but inclement weather in November and December prevented the process from being completed.

  • The Vikings have continued to cultivate their University of Minnesota connection. On Friday, the team signed former Gophers wide receiver Logan Payne. To make room for Payne, the Vikings cut wide receiver Kelton Tindal, an undrafted rookie from Newberry College.

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