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Another media-accessible OTA session brought plenty of news and reaction. See all the Vikings news and speculation as it progressed through the VU Daily Blog.

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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 5:43:00 PM

Sharper fires back at Shiancoe

The ongoing Twitter trash talk between Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe and Saints safety Darren Sharper continued on Wednesday even though Visanthe Shiancoe wasn't available at OTAs to explain his picture of an Osama bin Laden picture made up to be Sharper with bullet holes through it.

Shiancoe posted pictures of the scene from the Vikings' outing at the National Guard base in Minnesota on Tuesday night and Sharper finally fired back – Twitter style, of course – on Wednesday afternoon.

"ok homeboy you done went too far, making me out to be something that has brought this country alot of heartache," Sharper tweeted.

In successive follow-ups, Sharper wrote:

"Imma bust you right under your chinstrap from the first play on. I don't care about the fine. F the money Imma do it for the red,white&blue"

"And you'll see me cuz I'll be dressed in black & gold. Protect your neck that's all the warning you get."

So far, the NFL hasn't gotten involved.

"Somewhere we'll reel it in," Vikings coach Brad Childress said Wednesday of the previous exchanges between Shiancoe and Sharper, which started with a Sharper tweet indicating the Saints might go after Brett Favre's surgically repaired ankle in the season opener.


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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 2:29:00 PM

Childress now knows real offensive firepower

The Vikings' trip to the National Guard base on Tuesday led up to one of the best lines of the young offseason.

A select number of players and coaches rode a Chinook helicopter to the base and were invited to try their hand at testing machine guns and firing missiles. Vikings coach Brad Childress, known mainly for his work on the offensive side of the ball, had a good line when asked about the experience.

"It gives me a little perspective on how awesome (of) firepower we have, from the offensive standpoint. I don't know anything about the defensive standpoint, but that's kind of my life," he said.

Childress said he also had a beef stew MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) and took the "leap of faith" in repelling down a wall.

"Somewhere there's footage of it that I'm afraid will surface, but it's not like when you close your eyes and you see the guy jump off and hit the wall and hit the wall again," he said. "I think I connected with the wall a couple times, but it wasn't always as you'd think it should look."

Childress said he knew what tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was going to do when he saw him taking pictures of a target he shot up that featured a picture of Osama Bin Laden with the word bubble "I'm Darren Sharper" and a 42 drawn on his shirt, referencing Sharper's jersey number. Shiancoe posted a picture of the shot-up target on Twitter.

"I knew exactly what was happening when I saw Shank go up and start to get pictures taken by the target. … I knew right what was going to go on," Childress said.

"Somewhere we'll reel it in, but it didn't take too long to cross the Ts and dot the Is to see what that was all about."


Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 2:17:00 PM

Voluntary Vikings practice still missing some stars

The Vikings completed organized team activity number 10 out of the 14 they are allow on Wednesday amidst a mix of veterans and younger guys.

Most of the starters were not on the field except for safeties Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson and linebacker Ben Leber. Several starters joined the team for stretching – including John Sullivan, Anthony Herrera, Bryant McKinnie, E.J. Henderson, Kevin and Pat Williams, Steve Hutchinson and Cedric Griffin – and Herrera and McKinnie reappeared from the locker later in practice for some limited work.

Of the starters, the safeties have been mainstays throughout the last three weeks of practices.

"It's very encouraging," head coach Brad Childress said. "Last year as I spoke to those guys, Madieu was out for the first seven or eight games (in 2008). Tyrell was in for the first seven or eight games. We looked at it last year and we were going to have two new starting safeties. They would have begged to differ, which they did at times. But they were here for every one of these last year. Madieu has a great way about him, coming back and getting involved. When they get out here, they can't think about doing anything else. I think the communication is much more streamlined. I see that from all the guys that have an opportunity with extended snaps."

Most of the time, however, is spent getting the less experienced players familiar with the offense and defense.

"Overall, I'm pleased with what the young guys are doing," Childress said. "There's a lotta, lotta, lotta teaching going on. Coaches are being intentional about that. … We'll have some good competition at a number of different positions."

Although veterans like Pat and Kevin Williams were on the field for a portion of practice or stretching, Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson haven't been attending the voluntary OTAs.

"I've talked to Adrian on a number of different occasions and I'm pretty sure what he's doing now in Houston – he's not on the lark down there. He'll be right where he needs to be when next we see him," Childress said. "Would I have liked to see him a month ago? Absolutely. You know how I'm wired. Percy's in Florida and I can account for what I saw with Percy in Florida, what he looked like and what he's gained strength and weight wise and he's not being a slackard either.


* Childress said Jared Allen's best man did a "wonderful job" of giving some insightful information on Allen growing up.

* The Vikings hosted a number of Special Olympians for practice and helped them with a Punt, Pass and Kick Competition after the practice.

* The team worked on "third-and-way-long" situations on Wednesday and will work on red zone execution and the two-minute drill later in the week.

* Lito Sheppard, Greg Lewis, Marcus Sherels and Jaymar Johnson were among those working on returning punts.


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Childress said #Vikings day w the Nat'l Guard gave him appreciation for offensive firepower, joked he didn't know about defense there too.

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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 7:52:00 AM

Shiancoe escalates the Saints conflict

Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe continued to escalate the Twitter trash talk with Saints safety Darren Sharper on Tuesday on a visit to the Minnesota National Guard base.

A number of Vikings players and staff were picked up after Tuesday's practice at Winter Park by a Chinook helicopter and took a tour of the base that lasted most of the afternoon. They were given the opportunity to take target practice, and Shiancoe took aim at a picture of Osama Bin Laden that was altered to have Sharper's jersey number 42 on the front and a word bubble coming out of his mouth that says "I'm Darren Sharper."

Shiancoe posted pictures of the target before and after shooting it up, with dozens of bullet holes through the hands with this message: "The aftermath.. Can't even hold a game check with hands like that.. See you thurs night @sharper42"

The trash talk is a continuation of Sharper's original tweaking tweet about Brett Favre's ankle surgery. Shortly after the surgery, Sharper tweeted "X marks the spot," an inference that the Saints might go after Favre's ankle in the season opener on Thursday night, Sept. 9.

"'X- marks the spot'.. Loved the idea, ehhh so I went for it," Shiancoe responded via Twitter Tuesday night.

Shiancoe said via Twitter that the idea came from someone on the base.

"TRUE STORY! Before target practice a soldier suggested a custom target for me. Guess he wanted to start my engine early for the SAINTS game!" Shiancoe wrote.


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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 7:28:00 AM

Vikings in safety market?

The Vikings "might be" one of the team's interested in Rams safety O.J. Atogwe, according to ESPN's Adam Shefter.

Atogwe became a free agent at 11 p.m. Central Tuesday when the Rams couldn't reach a long-term contract agreement with him. They could have given him a guaranteed one-year, $7 million contract but declined to do that. St. Louis joins Dallas and Miami as the teams believed to have the most interest in Atogwe.

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora mentioned the Dolphins and Cowboys as potential suitors for Atogwe as well, but he didn't report the Vikings' interest.

"Other teams that could pursue Atogwe include the Dolphins and Cowboys, who are among the biggest spenders in the NFL," La Canfora reported.

The Vikings don't seem to place as much value on the safety position as some teams because of the scheme they run, and Atogwe's price tag could be prohibitive for Minnesota.

So far, there is no confirmation on the Vikings' part, but Brad Childress is expected to be available to reporters after today's organized team activity, which is open to the media.


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