Moss wants more years, more marketing

Former Vikings receiver Randy Moss is looking to play several more years and wants to maximize his marketing potential. He doesn't believe he'll remain with the Patriots beyond 2010, but he's thinking about the business side of things.

Earlier this offseason Randy Moss made it quite clear that he doesn't think he'll be in New England beyond 2010.

Heading into the final season of the three-year, $27 million contract he signed with the Patriots following his record-breaking first season with the team in 2007, Moss explained that he understood the business of football and how the Patriots "don't really pay" their players.

With that in mind, Moss parted ways with longtime agent Tim DiPiero last week and put out a clear message that he was looking for new representation that could maximize his earning potential as the 13-year veteran enters the final years of his NFL career.

"To all the agents out there, I'm a free man!" Moss told the Boston Herald. "I'm still playing at a high level, I'm still marketable. I'm looking for an agent that's going to get out there and market my marketing ability, because I still feel like I can shoot commercials and do this and do that. I just need somebody that will get that off-the-field money, man, what I deserve."

Moss has caught 47 touchdown receptions in his three seasons in New England. Despite battling injuries and what some outsiders perceived as a lack of effort last fall, he led New England with 13 touchdown receptions among his 83 receptions for 1,264 yards and 15.2-yard average that was identical to his record-setting first season with the Patriots in 2007.

Sure he's 33 and got a little banged up, but Moss is pretty sure he's nowhere near being done. And he wants to make the most of his final years — on the field and off it.

"I'm just going to play this year out like it's my first year," Moss, who turned 33 in February, told the Herald. "I look forward to big things from me, as an individual. Hopefully I can put up some good numbers. I've trained my body to do that, so I got high hopes for me this year as far as competing and getting my numbers back to where I think they should be. I'm excited, man.

"I don't want to be sitting there, playing, if it goes this far, 18, 19 years in the league and still haven't had no marketing opportunities.

"I just think I still have four, five, six years left, depending on how my body holds up. I'm still loving what I do. I'm ready to rock and roll. I'm still playing at a high level, still being that No. 1 receiver in the league."

And though he says he's focused on trying "to make a Super Bowl run" as he needs "another shot at the Super Bowl" after being left with a sour taste from the big game at the conclusion of his nearly perfect first season as Patriot in 2007, Moss is also clearly thinking ahead beyond his tenure in New England.

"I want to get out there to the New England Patriots fans, this is my year. I'm going to play my year. I'm not coming in causing any conflicts. I know it's a business," Moss told the Herald before turning his attention down the road to 2011.

"I've already said this may be my last year with the Patriots, that this is my last year under contract with the New England Patriots," Moss concluded. "Hopefully, with 31 other teams knowing I'll be available after this year, it's just like agents knowing I'm available and (I) don't have an agent."

Clearly Moss is ready to get down to business — on the field and off it.

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