Allen's eccentric side softened for wedding

Jared Allen is known to spice up the locker room chatter with his words and his fashion statements, but he snuffed out his eccentric ways when it came to his wedding. The thing that stood out for his coach and a teammate that was a groomsman was the best man's speech.

Jared Allen said via his Twitter account that the cutting of the mullet was only temporary, but it's clear that concessions were made for the love of a woman.

Allen got married on May 29 in Chicago with a select cast of Vikings teammates and staffers. Linebacker Heath Farwell was the only teammate that was groomsman and indicated that the wedding was more tradition than one might think for a zany type-A personality like Allen.

"I was very beautiful. It was at the Drake Hotel, which is a historic hotel. It was just a lot of close friends for him, which was a special day for him and Amy," Farwell said. "I've got to know Amy really well and she's a very sweet girl. It was beautiful. It was a traditional – the Drake Hotel is an old, historic hotel, beautiful wood. Just very nice, elegant wedding."

So there were no Zubaz or camouflage, two "fashion styles" that Allen has been known to force into the football consciousness. But the cutting of the mullet – the fashion statement that Allen has proclaimed as "business up front, party in the back" – made the biggest impression the week before the wedding, when the team's official website debuted a picture of Allen's new, conforming hairstyle.

"I think it's one of those things you do for love. I found myself doing different things that I probably wouldn't do normally for my wife," Farwell said. "I guess it's something he'll do for her and I'm sure she would do some similar things for him."

The wedding may have been more traditional, but apparently the speech from the best man, one of Allen's closest friends growing up, was a bit more edgy. Vikings coach Brad Childress said that speech allowed him to gain some more insight into a younger Jared Allen, and it likely provided Childress with ammunition for the barbs that occasional fly in jest between coach and player.

Farwell didn't reveal the content of the speech, but, as was the case with Childress, that was the part of the wedding that stuck out the most for him.

"I think it was his best man's speech that kind of called him out and put him in his place," said Farwell, who has gotten to be close friends with Allen in their two years together with the Vikings. "That was my favorite part. He just had some jabs at him, some stories from growing up and just kind of put him in his place.

"Sometimes you've got to kind of do that with Jared, just shrink his head down a little bit."

At least what was left of the head after conforming and shaving of the mullet.

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