Shiancoe: Rules stretch for Favre

Visanthe Shiancoe admitted there is a double standard for Brett Favre, but he and everyone else on the team seem OK with that. See what else he had to say about Favre's privileges and why the quarterback can bend the normal rules.

Visanthe Shiancoe isn't afraid to speak his mind, which makes him a captivating interview nearly every time, whether that's for a print/web reporter or on national radio.

Shiancoe weighed in earlier this week on a couple of hot-button topics of late on offense during an interview with Sirius NFL Radio.

The first topic on the table was Brett Favre, the quarterback who helped create a career year for Shiancoe. Favre wasn't at minicamp and, while he is expected to return to the Vikings for a second year and the NFL for a 20th season, nothing ever seems certain with the quarterback. On Wednesday, Dr. James, Andrews, who performed surgery on Favre's ankle to clean out scar tissue and bone spurs, said the surgery went well but that Favre needs a few more weeks to heal before making a decision on his future.

What is clear is that the Vikings are giving Favre all the time he needs to make that decision. Head coach Brad Childress reiterated that point on Sunday, and Shiancoe and other players seem fine with Favre missing the Mankato portion of training camp.

"I know that between Brett Favre, and the NFL period, of course there's going to be a double standard. That guy came out of retirement and he played extremely well. He played extraordinary," Shiancoe said.

"The rules can stretch for him, should I say? The thing is, I don't see anybody having a problem with that. No. 1, his age. No. 2, how long he's been in the league. And then No. 3, how well he's been playing since he's been in the league. It's been consistent and constant. It hasn't been sporadic. To have him back, it will help the team. We wouldn't want to – well, I wouldn't want to – ruffle any feathers with him."

Favre has earned that extra leeway because of his career accomplishments, but also what he accomplished last year with the Vikings, completing 68.4 percent of his passes for 33 touchdowns, seven interceptions and the first 100-plus (107.2) quarterback rating of his 19-year career. Favre's success is part of why Shiancoe called him "the missing piece."

But it wasn't just his statistics that earned Favre the understanding and respect of his teammates. They also saw his desire to win and dedication to accomplishing that goal.

Childress has talked about the extra hours Favre puts into his film study, and Shiancoe said Favre would be seen at the team's Winter Park facility at 9 or 10 p.m. search for an edge against the upcoming opponent.

While Childress is willing to wait on Favre and apparently isn't interested in apply the pressure for Favre to attend the first two weeks of training camp, Shiancoe would at least like to know Favre's decision by early to mid August.

"Me personally, I want to know if or when he's coming back before the break of camp (Aug. 12)," Shiancoe said. "Doesn't mean he has to come back at the break of camp, but I would like to at least know before camp breaks if he's going to come back a week or two before the game, a week before the game, the day of the game. I don't know."

But if the scene in the South plays out like it has in past summers – with Favre throwing to high school players in Mississippi in late July – his favorite touchdown target sees that as a good sign. Eventually, Favre will make his decision.

"He can do nothing but help us and he's deserved that right. He's earned that right," Shiancoe said.

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