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A day after getting a first round choice for Peerless Price it looks as though the Buffalo Bills are at it again and working to improve their squad on defense. Will they get the linebacker they desperately need? Adam Caplan of gives us the inside scoop.

The Bengals will not match the offer sheet that linebacker Takeo Spikes signed with Buffalo. Instead the club has reached a contract agreement with unrestricted free agent linebacker Kevin Hardy. Hardy is expected to move the inside while middle linebacker Brian Simmons will move outside. The Bengals were set to match any offer for Spikes but when Spikes made it clear he wouldn't play for the team or could make it an ugly situation if they matched, they changed their mind.

The Bengals have seven days to match the offer but won't now that Hardy is in the fold. The club has also reached a contract agreement with unrestricted free agent DT John Thornton (Tennessee).

Hardy is not the player Spikes is but he's not a bad replacement. The thought is that Simmons is better on the outside than inside.

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