Tragedy strikes Cunningham

Christian Cunningham, the 2-year-old son of former Vikings quarterback Randall Cunningham, died Tuesday in an apparent accidental drowning in a hot tub at the family's Las Vegas home.

Whenever tragedy strikes, it gives you cause for pause.

But when it involves a 2-year-old child, the tragedy is even more horrific.

Two-year-old Christian Cunningham, the son of former Vikings quarterback Randall Cunningham, died Tuesday in a hot tub accident. The hot tub was in the Cunningham's backyard at the family's home in Las Vegas.

According to the police report, an adult in the home and several children found the boy in the hot tub and the adult attempted to resuscitate him. He was rushed to St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena in Henderson, but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

According to newspaper reports, Cunningham was out of town on Tuesday. Cunningham, who works as an ordained minister with his wife Felicity, has made his home in Las Vegas since playing college ball for UNLV.

The immediate cause of death hasn't been confirmed by the Clark County coroner, but it is believed to be ruled an accidental drowning.

Prayers go out to Cunningham and his family. Tragedy comes in many forms, but burying a child is the worst. The Vikings family, both internal and external, wish the Cunninghams all our best during these troubled times.


  • Add rapper Chuck D to the list of those who are angered by the Brett Favre saga. Chuck D is the frontman for the rap group Public Enemy, which is apparently on the Wisconsin leg of its current tour. At a concert last week in Milwaukee and again Monday at a gig at a casino in Oneida, Mr. D brought up Favre to the crowd, asking if they would willingly catch someone wearing a "Number 4 Packers jersey." In both instances, the crowd booed loudly. Chuck is a Jets fan and said he could sympathize. What's up, Chuck? The only reason Favre is a Viking is because of the Jets. They moved up to draft Mark Sanchez. They were the guys who gave Favre the release he was looking for. They were the ones that allowed him to wear purple. Maybe Flavor Flav should do the football talking for the group.

  • Perhaps the Vikings were thrown out as a red herring in the yet-to-be-seen bidding war for JaMarcus Russell. Reports in the New York media say the Jets may be interested. What may be more interesting is the bizarre relationship the Vikings and Jets have shared in recent years. It actually borders on a rivalry. It began when the Vikings signed Antoine Winfield. He was at the Jets facility ready to sign a contract, but the paperwork was delayed. The Vikings went off the board and called his wife, who apparently didn't want to raise a family in the NYC. Thanks to Mike Tice's links to people in the horse racing business with limos and private planes, Winfield and his wife were extricated from the Jets home base and flown to Winter Park, where he signed a contract with the Vikings. The next two years, the Jets made trades to get ahead of the Vikings to take players they deemed the Vikings coveted – kicker Mike Nugent and quarterback Kellen Clemens. Granted, they were second-round picks, but how did that turn out? And a kicker in the second round? Ouch! Then Favre quietly asks for his release after the Jets make a bold move to trade up to assure they get USC's Mark Sanchez. He comes to the Vikings and tears it up after getting the Jets in trouble by saying he had torn his biceps tendon – the team knew it and didn't list him on the injury report. As we laid out previously, signing Russell doesn't make logical sense for the Vikings. But, the mere national mention of the Vikings and Cardinals as frontrunners for Russell has seemingly increased the Jets' interest. Another storyline to keep in mind if Favre makes his return to Monday night Oct. 11. Where? At the Jets.

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