Jared Allen swings into charity service

Jared Allen hosted a charity golf tournament to help his Homes for Wounded Warriors foundation this weekend. In typical Allen fashion, the golf tournament was anything but typical.

As one would imagine with a free spirit like Jared Allen, hosting a charity golf tournament is a little different than the average golf event where people are told to be quiet and photography is severely curtailed.

This weekend, Allen hosted the Night-Ops Charity Golf Tournament at Ancala Country Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. Despite enduring 110 degree heat, athletes and celebrities were heckled in their backswings by Marines stationed at each tee box. Allen, who lives in Scottsdale in the offseason, created a foundation following his USO Tour to the troops in Iraq and Kuwait last year. He was moved by the plight of many returning injured soldiers and the purpose of the foundation is to raise money to build or modify homes for injured military veterans – Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors.

In a broadcast interview, Allen said "Unfortunately, people get hurt in war. When they come home, we're going to be there to fix their house or get them in a new house. We want to make them feel comfortable and have one less thing to worry about."

Just as Allen marches to the beat of his own drummer, so did his golf tournament. Allen said it best when he told participants prior to the start that "we tried to switch it up so it's not just another lame-ass golf tournament."

For more information on the foundation, go to jaredallen69inc.com for more information.


  • Visanthe Shiancoe seems to have a vested interest in workout buddy Brian Westbrook getting a job. Westbrook has been working out with Shiancoe five days a week to get himself into game shape, but still hasn't found a suitor. Shiancoe has gone to Twitter twice this week endorsing the Vikings signing Westbrook, who has longstanding ties to Brad Childress, but, from what we're hearing, the problem at this point isn't so much that Westbrook can't still be a contributor. It's his asking price, which is apparently a figure too spendy to get any takers just yet.

  • Cris Carter continues to join in the clamor about Brett Favre's pending decision. After telling rookies last month that it is 100 percent certain Favre will return, C.C. is at it again. He recently said that Favre doesn't need the offseason program, adding that "OTAs and all that stuff, they're overrated."

  • Fans around Minnesota have mixed feelings about former head coach Mike Tice. While a likeable person, his head coaching acumen left something to be desired. A "big galoot" in every sense of the word, he cut against the grain in a cloak-and-dagger NFL. He was emotional. He was honest. He said what was on his mind. All of those are against the head coaching blueprint. However, in a Chicago Tribune story, Tice is hailed as one of the great coaching finds of the offseason. Tice is a genuinely nice guy and it's great to have him back in the NFC North, but how will an old-school line coach mesh with a pass-happy nutty professor like Mike Martz? Tice was hired first, so he wasn't hand-picked and O-line coaches have always disliked a Martz offense because it leaves the QB open to hits far too often and puts a lot of pressure on the O-linemen to pick up blitzes on top of their regular assignments. He's a hero now, but, if Jay Cutler gets laid out, look for fingers to start being pointed – quite possibly and unfairly at Tice.

  • Favre and the NFL are clearly superior to LeBron James and the NBA. In the bizarre dog-and-pony show that was "The Decision" made-for-TV signing of LeBron, all that was missing was an "American Idol" style, elimination. The show did the best NBA rating in years, drawing 8.4 million viewers. But Favre playing the Packers on Monday Night Football last year did a network-record 21 million viewers.

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