VU Daily Blog: 7/19/10

Brad Childress meets with Brett Favre, Jared Allen makes another golf-course impression, an update on draft picks getting signed and more. See all the Vikings news and speculation as it progressed through the VU Daily Blog.

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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 2:11:00 PM

Report: Childress meets with Favre

Vikings coach Brad Childress was meeting with quarterback Brett Favre in Mississippi on Monday, according to WDAM –TV.

The two were seen together at a seven-on-seven passing camp for high school players and Childress declined comment on camera but told the station, "You can fill in the blanks."

OK, then. Let's do it. He's trying to get a better gauge on Favre's decision about his football future and a potential timeline for a return, even though Vikings players and coaches have insisted to this point that they weren't pressuring him for an answer.

It's hard to find anyone that believes Favre will retire instead of rejoining a Vikings team that he led to the NFC Championship, but the question is mostly when Favre will start practicing. Last year, he didn't sign until Aug. 18 and that seems like a likely estimate again this year.

The Vikings start training camp in Mankato on July 30 and wrap up their practices on the campus of Minnesota State, Mankato on Aug. 12, two days before their first preseason game.


Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 11:48:00 AM

Allen makes impression at golf tourney

Jared Allen's eccentric and fun-loving ways left a solid lasting impression at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament over the weekend. According to, Allen had six pars on Sunday, when he was wearing khakis and a golf shirt.

That wasn't his apparel of choice in a previous day at the tournament, as witnessed with the photo below by Dan Thrift. But Allen left a good impression on the tournament.  allenjared_danthriftphotogr

"He's fun, he loves the game," Jon Miller, the executive vice president of NBC Sports, told of Allen. "We have two tournaments going on. You have the tournament for first place, which has great skilled golfers like Billy Joe Tolliver and John Elway and Tony Romo and John Smoltz and Jack Wagner, and then you have the other tournament that has guys who aren't maybe at that level, who still want to be out here, still want to play, still want to have fun. It's a great combination."

Miller said the tournament will want Allen back in future years for more entertainment value.


Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 7:34:00 AM

Vikings: Six left to sign

The signing of draft picks is expected to heat up this week and the Vikings have a ways to go. The team only has two of its eight picks signed, but so far there isn't too much concern about holdouts. As of Friday, 57 percent – 145 of 255 picks – had been signed. Last year at that time, 45 percent of picks had been signed, according to figures released by the league.

The Vikings aren't alone in having the majority of their picks unsigned.

The Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns (which open camp this Friday) and New York Jets all had only three picks signed. The Jacksonville Jaguars join the Vikings in having only two picks signed, and the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints only had one pick signed, based on official notification to the league on Friday.

The Vikings have signed seventh-round fullback Ryan D'Imperio and fifth-round linebacker Nate Triplett. They have six picks left to sign. The Vikings' training camp practices starts on July 30.

No first-round picks have signed yet and only one NFL second-rounder – Jets offensive lineman Vladimir Ducasse – has signed. The Vikings have two draft picks in the second round – cornerback Chris Cook and running back Toby Gerhart.


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