Notebook: Tickets, Favre and more

Vikings single-game tickets go on sale next week ... with a twist for two games. Plus, Brett Favre reacts to the Men's Journal article and his weight, and we have several other notes.

The Vikings announced Wednesday that single-game tickets for the 2010 regular season will go on sale next Wednesday (July 28), with a couple of exceptions.

Tickets will initially go on sale at the Vikings ticket office located at Mall of America Field at the Metrodome at 9 a.m. Central July 28, allowing those willing to get in line and head down to the dome the first crack at tickets. At 10 a.m. Central, tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster. However, two games will not be available immediately for single-game purchases – the Packers and the Cowboys.

In order to purchase tickets for those games, fans will have to purchase tickets as part of a two-game package. If they want tickets for the Nov. 21 game against Green Bay, they will also have to purchase tickets for the Sept. 2 preseason game against Denver. In order to get tickets to the Dallas game, an equal number of tickets will need to be purchased for the Sept. 26 game against Detroit.

Single-game tickets range in price from $39 to $143 each, with the two-game packages having price ranges from $78 to $286.

For fans looking to buy tickets through Ticketmaster, they can either call 1-800-745-3000 or by tickets on-line at Season ticket packages are still available, starting at $290.


  • Brett Favre wasn't overly pleased with the backlash that has come from the interview he and Bus Cook gave for a cover story in Men's Journal in which agent Bus Cook was quoted as calling Favre "a drama queen." Favre told WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg the quote was taken out of context and that Cook has been unfairly portrayed in the media as a result.

    "The guy spent a day with us," Favre said. "He covered a Wrangler commercial that day. We joked around and, really, it was a joking around day. You know Bus. You know me. We opened up our family lives to him. I guess the lesson to be learned in all that is – I hate to even say it – it's just that you can't trust anybody. Because that's not the way I was raised."

    The full news story can be accessed by clicking this link:

  • Favre added that he has been criticized for simply speaking his mind, saying, "I've tried to be honest with people and that's what got me in trouble at times. (I'm) just being who I am. If that ain't good enough, so be it."

  • In the WDAM interview, Favre said he has gained 14 pounds since the season-ending game in January and has been using his time working out with kids at Oak Grove High School as a way to get his body back into shape.


  • Former Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton took time out of bashing Favre to appear on the Great American Panel on the "Hannity" show on FOX News. He turned his anger away from Favre to find fault with the Obama Administration. However, while host Sean Hannity and the other guests fawned over Tark, he wasn't so lucky with fellow FOX News host Greta Van Susteran. Van Susteran, a lifelong Packers fan and a stockholder in the team, said she and other Packers fans were frustrated with Tarkenton's scrambling ability during his playing days, going so far as to call him "the devil." One can only imagine she has an even more scathing view of Favre's move West from Wisconsin to Minnesota.

  • The Vikings will start showing look-ins on the scoreboards of the NFL Network's RedZone Channel during stoppages in play and following noon starts and prior to the one 3:15 start against Dallas, according to the Star Tribune. The RedZone Channel specializes in showing fans drives once teams get inside the opponent's 20-yard line. The plan is to show feeds from the channel at least four times a game, during stoppages in play and at halftime.

  • An annual Harris Poll of "America's Favorite Sports Star" could just as easily be what athlete is also the most hated by fans. Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, two athletes who made headlines for womanizing, tied for the first spot. Derek Jeter finished third, followed by Brett Favre as the top-rated football player. Two other NFL players made the top 10 – Tom Brady (No. 8) and Drew Brees (No. 9). LeBron James finished sixth and Dale Earnhart Jr. finished in the 10th spot. Perhaps the most interesting pick was Michael Jordan at No. 7. Why is M.J. interesting as a favorite sports athlete? He's been retired from the NBA for more than seven years.

  • Jimmy Johnson, who ran the show of two of the most volatile teams in the recent history of sports – the Miami Hurricanes of the 1980s and the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s – is going to try his hand at the reality show "Survivor." The 67-year-old Johnson is going to be part of "Survivor: Guatamala," the 21st incarnation of the series. It will make him one of the oldest contestants ever to play the game and it will be hard for a bartender from Chicago or a wanna-be actress from Los Angeles to be willing to pay him $1 million. Perhaps the most interesting aspect may be that Survivor contestants live under very primitive conditions and Johnson's trademark coiffeur won't be able to apply hair products, although it may be his personal item on the island. Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom, a journeyman QB at best, was busted by a fellow contestant who recognized him and got him voted off the island. Why? The feeling among the other contestants was that Hogeboom didn't need the $1 million prize. Johnson is exponentially more famous than Hogeboom, which could keep his stay with his tribe short at best. His motivational skills will be undoubtedly put to the test, but he may not be around long enough for his famous mane to get too mussed up.

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