Bieniemy stays, turns down USC

Whether it was confidence that he will be a coach on a Super Bowl champion or not, running backs coach Eric Bieniemy stayed loyal to the Vikings, staying with the team by turning down the chance to be the offensive coordinator at USC. He got a promotion for the decision, which keeps the coaching staff intact again this year.

The news that Vikings running backs coach Eric Bieniemy had been promoted to assistant head coach-offense didn't come as a huge surprise – E.B. is loved and beloved by many on the Vikings – but how the raise in salary and title came about is what has some wondering.

Bieniemy showed both loyalty and patience in his decision to stay with the Vikings. He turned down a chance to become offensive coordinator at USC, a job that, while currently facing tough times after being hit with stiff NCAA sanctions, is viewed by many as a pretty plum assignment.

Lane Kiffin was brought in to stop the bleeding left after Pete Carroll bailed for the NFL. Kiffin is likely to be with the Trojans for a long time and hiring Bieniemy would have likely put him on the fast track to be a college head coach. It is a career-path offer many position coaches would jump at. E.B. didn't.

Bieniemy has been the position coach of Adrian Peterson since his arrival in the league and the coach will be easy for fans to spot at training camp. He is constantly in his players' faces to execute and know their assignments and isn't shy or quiet about letting his feelings be known.

There may come a time sooner than later that the Vikings coaching staff gets raided by the pro and college game. But, for 2010 anyway, the team has not only kept the band together among players, but among the coaching staff as well.


  • A lot of people chuckled when they saw the quote from Adrian Peterson this week that he would head down to Mississippi to convince Favre to come back. Word we're hearing is that he isn't kidding and could well make a Mississippi run if needed. No word if he would wear his personal pair of Wrangler's Favre sent him. If he did, it might seal the deal.

  • Las Vegas is getting a lot of work out of Vikings and Packers fans. Despite being two of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, their over-under for wins this season is at 9.5 for both. The rub is that you have to bet $150 to win $100 to bet the over. But, given that both teams are almost unanimous selections to make the playoffs this season, the two teams are both getting a lot of action.

  • Whether you consider him a wide receiver or a quarterback, one thing certain about Joe Webb is that he remains unsigned with the countdown ticking to the start of training camp. What makes that interesting is that he is the only sixth-round draft pick yet to sign a contract.

  • To date, the only Vikings draft picks signed are fifth-round linebacker Nathan Triplett and seventh-round fullback Ryan D'Imperio.

  • The Vikings have received an invitation from the city council of International Falls, Minn., to make the town part of its "You Made the Team" community outreach program. But they want the Vikings on a specific day for 2011 – July 2. That is the day that the town hosts the annual Canada/USA International Tug-of-War and they would like to bring in some ringers. Ryan Longwell and Chris Kluwe need not make the visit.

  • In a story in Sunday's Boston Herald, it turns out that basketball star Rajon Rondo wasn't much of an NBA fan before he joined the league. Football was his sport of interest and Favre has always been his favorite player. Unfortunately for Timberwolves fans, Rondo almost could have been able to watch Favre from a much closer distance. When the Timberwolves' Kevin McHale made good on what can only be assumed to be a considerable debt to longtime buddy and former teammate Danny Ainge and trade him Kevin Garnett, Rondo was a name at the center of the trade discussion. Many scoffed when Ainge claimed Rondo was a "deal-breaker" for the trade, but everyone sees what Ainge had seen in practice and flashes in games.

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