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The Vikings worked on their scrambling Tuesday, moving practices around as the weather played all kinds of games. By the end of the day, the final live-contact practice of camp was in the books. See all the Vikings news and speculation as it progresses through the VU Daily Blog.

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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 4:48:00 PM

Rain doesn't stop Vikings defense

The Vikings survived the rain, wind, thunder and even some distant lightning – oh, and a tornado watch – for their final live-contact session in Mankato. The Vikings break camp Thursday in preparation for their preseason opener at St. Louis on Saturday.

The team used the fully padded session to work on short-yardage and goal-line situations, as well as some longer down-and-distance categories, and the defense came away feeling like it got a win.

Linebacker E.J. Henderson laid a big hit on Adrian Peterson to stop him on a short-yardage run, another sign that Henderson continues to impress in his comeback from a fractured femur suffered last December.

Peterson also had his share of successes, taking a run up the middle to convert a first down and turning another one around the corner for what likely would have been a long touchdown run as he had the angle.

We'll have more (soggy) notes on the front page of soon.


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The #Vikings get through practice in some rain and thunder. Practice is over.

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No Leman, Harvin, Griffin, Rice, Shiancoe, Sullivan or Herrera for last live contact of Mankato. #Vikings

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Darius Reynaud is all suited and padded up again. The #Vikings are back outside for full contact ... and a tornado watch.

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Missed Fitzgerald's conditioning camp too; hip could linger. RT @CMTubbs: How much of the Sid injury do you think is related to contract?

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Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 11:26:00 AM

Childress confirms Harvin migraines

Vikings coach Brad Childress said after the shortened Tuesday morning practice that Percy Harvin has had "some" migraines that he is dealing with, in addition to the death of his grandmother.

Harvin has been away from practice since last weekend, but Childress said he is in Minnesota.

"God-willing, he's going to work through this," Childress said.


* The Vikings started practice outside in a drizzling rain, but when lightning flashed in the sky about 15 minutes into practice, the team quickly went inside to Myers Field House.

* The morning practice was supposed to be the last live-contact period in Mankato, but once inside the team switched formats. The morning practice then became the shorter special-teams practice that was supposed be held in the afternoon. The afternoon practice is now supposed to be a full-team practice starting at 2:45 p.m.

* The Vikings signed receiver Freddie Brown out of Utah and cut safety Terrell Skinner. Brown is wearing No. 89.

* We will have more on the morning practice, Harvin and other notes on the front page of shortly.


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Childress confirmed that Percy Harvin is dealing with "some" migraines. #Vikings

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The #Vikings have moved their afternoon practice to 2:45 and intend to have a full practice then.

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The pads and spikes are off, meaning live contact will have to wait. #Vikings

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The #Vikings cut Terrell Skinner to sign receiver Freddie Brown out of Utah.

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The #Vikings are moving inside after lightning strikes. The players celebrate and the thunder rolls.

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We have a new player, No. 89. We'll try to track down the roster moves shortly.

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It looks like Reynaud is going to return to practice. #Vikings

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Tweeting could be limited as the rain picks up. No Sullivan, Herrera, Leman, Rice or Griffin. #Vikings

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As an update to our blog about 20 minutes ago, the #Vikings are outside and in full pads with just a slight drizzle. Football weather.

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 8:32:00 AM

From heat to rain

The Vikings endured high temperatures (88) and high humidity (heat index that was expected to reach the triple digits) on Monday. Tuesday morning has brought rain.

The Vikings dealt with rain early Saturday morning as well and delayed their 9 a.m. scheduled start time until 10:30 and went through a full, dry and productive session. Today, the Mankato forecast calls for a 70 percent of rain and thunderstorms, moving from "a chance" in the morning to "likely" in the afternoon.

The team is scheduled for a 9 a.m. start time on Tuesday and with an afternoon special teams practice. They were also scheduled for their last live-contact practice of the week this morning.

So far this year, the team hasn't been forced inside to practice, where fan attendance is cut to about one-third of the outdoor capacity on the practice fields.


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