Record-seekers vs. Rams

How good was Sage Rosenfels' performance Saturday in St. Louis? He set a Vikings preseason record and joined the top-five list in several other categories. Logan Payne and Garrett Mills were also making their mark.


  • Sage Rosenfels set a new team preseason record for most passing attempts without an interception. He had 34 attempts, two more than Bob Lee vs. Cleveland in 1977 and five more than Ron VanderKelen in 1967. Fran Tarkenton had 28 in 1976 and Tommy Kramer had 23 in 1979 to round out the top five.

  • Rosenfels is only the sixth Vikings QB in team history to throw for 300 yards in a preseason game. He hit 310. Ahead of him in the preseason record book are Kramer (380 in 1978), Gary Cuozzo (351 in 1970), Tarkenton (315 in 1976), Steve Dils (313 in 1982) and Daunte Culpepper (311 in 2000).

  • Rosenfels is only the third Vikings QB to throw three touchdowns in a preseason game on the road. He joins Brad Johnson (1998), Rich Gannon (1992), Kramer (1980), Bob Berry (1974), Cuozzo (1970) and Tarkenton (1965). Tarkenton also holds the record with four against Dallas in 1962.

  • Rosenfels becomes only the fourth Vikings QB to complete 23 passes in a preseason game, tying Kramer (1982). Dils (1982) and Tarkenton (1976) hold the preseason record with 27 completions. Kramer also had 25 against Washington in 1978.

  • Rosenfels' completion percentage of 67.6 ranks fifth in team preseason with 20 attempts minimum. Culpepper holds the record at 74.1 in 2004, followed by Lee (68.8 in 1977) and Tarkenton (68.1 in 1977 and 67.9 in 1976).

  • Rosenfels' passer rating of 125.9 ranks third in team preseason history with at least 20 passing attempts. Lee holds the record at 137 in 1971, followed by Norm Snead (128.8 in 1971).

  • Rosenfels becomes only the third Vikings QB to complete two passes of at least 50 yards in a preseason game, joining three such performances from Culpepper (in 2004, 2001 and 2000) and Wade Wilson in 1987.

  • Logan Payne is the first Viking in 10 years to have seven receptions in a preseason game since Chris Walsh's seven vs. New Orleans in 2000.

  • Garrett Mills' receiving average of 26.5 yards ranks tied for sixth in team preseason history with a minimum of three receptions. The top five are Sammy White (31.6 average in 1976), Gene Washington (31.4 in 1970), Ahmad Rashad (29.8 in 1978), Clinton Jones (28.6 in 1973) and Washington (27.3 in 1969). Mills tied Jim Phillips (1965) with their 26.5 average.

  • The Vikings' preseason record is now 6-5-0 vs. the Rams.

  • The Vikings' overall preseason record on Week One is now 27-22-1, with an away record of 16-10-1.

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