Favre arrives at Winter Park

Hours after news broke that the Vikings sent a veteran contingent to get Brett Favre to come back for another season, an e-mail from his website said to stay tuned, and about 4 p.m. Central Tuesday Favre arrived at Winter Park.

Brett is back.

The appeal made by the Vikings appears to have worked. Three of Brett Favre's closest teammates – Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell – are back to Minnesota, and they brought Brett Favre with them to Winter Park.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reports that the effort of the three teammates to convince Favre to play in 2010 was successful.

The Vikings haven't announced a press conference or issued any confirmation or press release -- both of those are expected on Wednesday -- but Favre did arrive at Winter Park.

Favre's official website was flooded with hits after an e-mail alert encouraged fans to stay tuned for "breaking news." At about 2 p.m. Central Time today, his website was down before it scaled back the offerings on the site to accommodate for the traffic.

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said at a post-practice press conference this afternoon that Favre is still "wrestling with the decision," but Bevell had spent the previous two-plus hours on the field coaching and seemed unaware of the latest early in the afternoon.

Both Bevell and special teams coach Brian Murphy said the three missing players were at the team headquarters today. If they were, they left early to meet with Favre.

The move was likely in the works as early as Monday, as head coach Brad Childress was unusually late for his Monday press briefing and made a hasty exit upon its conclusion.

Childress, who did not address the media, was presiding over Tuesday's practice, and Bevell tried to steer clear of questions involving the three missing players.

"I know that there's probably going to be some questions about what transpired since we've been out here at practice," Bevell said. "I won't be able to shed much light on it since we were out here. I know that there were some guys that were missing and I was told by the head coach that they were inside and that's what he told me."

Bevell said he talked to Favre before the Vikings opened the preseason at St. Louis on Saturday night and texted him after the game to see if he watched. As for Favre's decision?

"It depends on the day, to be honest with you," Bevell said when asked if knew which way Favre was leaning. "It's a tough decision. He's really wrestling with it. The things I've said all along, he really loves this team. He feels like he can help the team, he can still play. But he's getting ready to be 41 years old. I know (of) the ankle and those things. There's a huge wrestling going on in his mind."

By 4 p.m., however, the Vikings plane had landed in the Twin Cities and he made his way to into Winter Park. Tarvaris Jackson, who was next in line for the starting job, said he wasn't concerning himself with his teammates' pursuit of Favre.

"I really don't care. I feel like if my number's called, I'm going to be ready and I'm going to continue to try to work hard and get better. That's all I can do," Jackson said. "My teammates, that's their prerogative. I can't really control that, so I'm just going to do my part."

Jackson said he had texted Favre in the last couple of days, but those communications centered on football, not Favre's potential return to the team.

Sage Rosenfels, whose status with the team could be in jeopardy in the coming weeks as rosters are trimmed, said he isn't focusing on that.

"I know some teammates aren't here, but I don't know where they're at. That's not my business," he said after practice. "My mind hasn't been on that situation and I haven't really talked to guys about it."

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