VU Daily Blog: 8/19/10

Thursday started with talk of Brett Favre and keeping him healthy, but it ended on an even more serious note with Percy Harvin in the hospital. See all the Vikings news and speculation as it progresses through the VU Daily Blog.

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The #Vikings released that statement from Brad Childress late this afternoon.

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Childress: "Percy appreciates everyone's concern. He is alert and resting comfortably, but will remain in the hospital overnight." #Vikings

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Teammates react to Harvin's collapse: Teammates saw the seriousness of Percy Harvin's health issues Thursday when ...

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Gerhart gets wide-eyed at Favre's arrival: The veterans have played with Brett Favre, but at least one rookie was ...

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RT @B_Twice: Percy's doin fine everyone. Prayers still goin out though.

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Harvin taken in ambulance with migraine: Another episode with migraine headaches hit Percy Harvin, sending him to ...

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Quick Harvin update. More to be added to the story: #Vikings

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 1:16:00 PM

Harvin leaves practice in ambulance

Percy Harvin collapsed at practice Thursday and was taken away in an ambulance after suffering from a migraine headache.

Harvin came out on the field before the media was allowed and looked up in the sky to field a punt, according to head coach Brad Childress. He returned inside at the official start of practice and came back out during practice but didn't run any plays before collapsing.

Head coach Brad Childress said it was a migraine episode and the team formed a shield to block the media's view while an EMT worked on him. He was on the field and in the ambulance for 30 minutes before leaving with the ambulance to a local hospital. will have more on the situation, including quotes from Childress and players, in the coming hour.


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#Vikings practice was called shortly after Harvin was taken away.

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Childress said Harvin suffered a migraine that caused him to collapse. He was taken away in an ambulance. #Vikings

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 12:13:00 PM

Harvin missing at start of morning practice

Vikings WR Percy Harvin is missing from the early portion of Thursday's practice. Harvin was supposed to talk to the media today for the first time since missing two weeks of practice after the death of his grandmother and a bout with migraine headaches.

He returned to practice on Monday and had been participating since the Vikings sent him a "five-day letter," urging him to get back to practice.

We'll have to see if Harvin shows up for the remainder of practice, but he was out during warmups. Only defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is scheduled to talk after practice, so we'll see if there is any explanation.

Also missing from the start of practice were CBs DeAndre Wright and Lito Sheppard. Wright got tangled up in the end zone while defending a pass during Wednesday's practice.

Center John Sullivan remains sidelined.


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Notebook: Mitchell states his case: DE Jayme Mitchell is back in form two years after a knee injury sidelined him....

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 7:56:00 AM

Childress still irked with Saints' approach to Favre

Officially, the New Orleans Saints registered no sacks against the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, but anyone who saw that game witnessed the beating that Brett Favre took. Most quarterbacks would have stayed out of the game after suffering the ankle injury incurred when Bobby McCray had some extra-curricular activity.

Brad Childress was asked if the Vikings would be able to adequately protect Favre with defenses attacking him this year, and the coach's answer makes it clear that Childress hasn't forgotten about the Saints' approach.

"(Favre) knows there somewhere he's going to get knocked on his keister. That's going to happen," Childress said Wednesday. "As long as we're doing it within the spirit of the rules, he's all good with it and I'm all good with it. In terms of not doing it that way, hey, everybody talks about hitting the quarterback. Let's just hit him the right way."

In a follow-up question, Childress was asked if he thought Favre was unduly punished?

"In my opinion, yeah," Childress said.

The NFL held the same opinion, fining McCray $20,000 for two separate unnecessary roughness incidents in that game.

McCray was released by the Saints during the offseason, but he was re-signed to a one-year deal before training camp opened, so this will certainly be a storyline to follow in the weeks leading up to the regular-season opener on Sept. 9, when the Vikings once again travel to New Orleans.


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