Harvin collapses, in hospital overnight

Percy Harvin was taken to a local hospital after collapsing on the practice field. According to Vikings coach Brad Childress, Harvin suffered a migraine before collapsing. He wasn't practicing at the time of his collapse but had returned to practice field to watch. In statement late Thursday afternoon, Childress said he would remain hospitalized overnight.

Percy Harvin will spend Thursday night in the hospital after collapsing at practice earlier in the day and being taken away in an ambulance.

"Percy appreciates everyone's concern. He is alert and resting comfortably, but will remain in the hospital overnight," Vikings coach Brad Childress said late Thursday afternoon in a statement.

Childress left for the hospital shortly after addressing the media following practice and spent the afternoon with Harvin. Others coaches and players also spent time visiting him throughout the afternoon.

Childress said Harvin suffered another migraine headache, an affliction that has plagued him for years, not long before the collapse.

Harvin came out on the field before the media was allowed and looked up into a mostly cloudy sky to field a punt, according to Childress. He returned inside before the official start of practice and was examined by a team doctor and came back out during practice but didn't run any plays before collapsing.

The team formed a shield to block the media's view while an emergency medical technician worked on him. He was on the field and in an ambulance that was summoned onto the field for 30 minutes before leaving in the ambulance to a local hospital.

Head trainer Eric Sugarman and team doctors Sheldon Burns and Chris Larson attended to Harvin on the field, and Sugarman and Burns rode with Harvin to the hospital.

"Those things can be debilitating. That one hit and it hit hard," Childress said. "It's always scary for all of our guys when you see a teammate struggling with whatever."

Practice started at 11:45 a.m. and Harvin came back on the field after being examined by a doctor inside before he collapsed. Childress said Harvin was trembling and may have lost consciousness. He collapsed at 12:11 p.m. and practice was stopped a few minutes later when the seriousness of the situation was realized by everyone. The ambulance arrived at 12:25 p.m. and came out on the field. He was loaded into the ambulance after about five minutes. Players and coaches said a team prayer at 12:31 on the other practice field, but when the ambulance left a few minutes later, the team ran through about 10 plays at the request of Brett Favre, according to Childress.

At 12:45 practice was called off, about an hour before its scheduled end.

Childress said Harvin was trembling and "he was a little disoriented."

"There was a portion of time before I got there that he was a little bit unresponsive," Childress said.

Harvin has suffered from migraines for years, and Childress said he has had to take him off the practice field once before because of them, but "certainly nothing to that magnitude," Childress said.

The head coach said Harvin had also been hospitalized during his junior year at the University of Florida because of a migraine.

"We're going to have to deal with some form of adversity, whether this is the first of many," Childress said. "I'm not sure, but it's not so much the adversity, it's how you react to it. That will always be the case."

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