Story alleges rift between Favre, Childress

A story on Yahoo! sports, citing an anonymous source, says that Brett Favre doesn't respect Brad Childress' knowledge of offense.

On a day where Percy Harvin gave all of his teammates a scare when he collapsed on the practice field following a migraine attack, a story that would have made more news was a report that there are problems in Vikings Country that, according to unnamed sources, run all the way to the top.

In a story by Yahoo! Sports that smacks of Schismgate from last year, an unnamed player or players – it was hard to tell if it was the same player used in the single-sentence splices in the story – alleged such things as Brett Favre believing that Brad Childress "has no clue about offense" and that "Brett just doesn't trust (Childress)."

Just as Favre's return a year ago brought a story citing unnamed players claiming a "schism" existed on the team as to those who wanted Favre and those who favored Tarvaris Jackson (an argument that seems bitterly ironic a year later), all that seemed to do was bring the team closer together. This is more personalized and will likely be bantered about more often.

Favre mentioned more than once that he was returning as a favor to his teammates, but would he really return to the team if he had that little respect for his head coach? It's a long season either way, but made longer if he has those feeling about Childress.

But the story also pointed out that Vikings assistant coaches seemed to be instructed to lie to the media about the whereabouts of Ryan Longwell, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen when they made their now-infamous plane flight down to Hattiesburg, Miss., to get their fugitive QB and bring him back to Winter Park. Special teams coach Brian Murphy went so far as to say he saw Longwell in the facility Tuesday morning, but Longwell was in Mississippi on Monday night. The next day, Childress apologized for that move in the opening comments of a press conference.

Lying, subterfuge and red herrings are all part of the covert NFL of the 21st Century, where concealing the truth is justified as "part of the game" – maintaining a "competitive advantage" is the reason often cited. It will be interesting to see how the Vikings address the anonymous quotes in the Yahoo! Sports story. Like the Schismgate story, it will likely fade into oblivion.


  • The rationale used by many fans as to why the Vikings sent the Three Wise Men to Mississippi was that Favre gives the Vikings a better chance to win the Super Bowl. Apparently, the men and women in Vegas agree. According to the MGM Grand Sports Book, the Vikings are co-favorites to win the NFC championship with Dallas at 6:1. Indianapolis remains the favorite at 5:1, but the Vikings are a 12:1 favorite to win it all, while the Cowboys are a 15:1 favorite to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

  • The Vikings are scheduled to work out wide receiver Brandon Jones today. He has drawn interest from the Raiders and Titans among others and worked out with the Seahawks on Thursday. Jones was released by the 49ers Wednesday.

  • Former Cowboys coach and "Survivor" contestant Jimmy Johnson did a radio interview Thursday on "The Dan Patrick Show" and said he is "really, really uncomfortable" with the sort of precedent making the concessions to Favre would have on the team, claiming it isn't consistent treatment of players. As Jared Allen pointed out this summer, not everyone is treated equally, but everyone should be treated fairly.

  • Favre's official website is back up and running after being overrun by Internet hits earlier in the week. The website is offering fans a chance to get 500-Touchdown limited edition merchandise that will benefit the "Favre 4 Hope" Foundation. Favre currently has 497 touchdown passes and, early in the regular season, will become the first QB to ever throw 500 TDs.

  • Jared Allen is kicking in some of his own money to find the monster that left a horse to die in a community south of Los Angeles. This week a horse so malnourished that it couldn't raise her head to drink water had to be euthanized. The horse was discovered last month in a ditch and a reward has been offered to find the person responsible. Allen has thrown in $2,500 of his own money to the cause.

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