Favre spans the hot talkers

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre created a circus last week and was the subject of a report talking about his sometimes-strained relationship with Brad Childress. Favre addressed several interesting topics.

Brett Favre had several audibles to call in an interview this weekend before he even had a chance to call an audible on the field.

Favre addressed several interesting topics during an interview that was televised during breaks in Sunday night's game on NBC. The most extensive part that aired had to do with how he got to Minnesota last week after a well-chronicled visit to Mississippi from three key teammates.

Favre admitted he didn't think he would have been playing in the second preseason game if Ryan Longwell, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen hadn't flown to Hattiesburg, Miss., last Monday to talk to him. Favre said Hutchinson twisted his arm more than the other two.

The 40-year-old quarterback and recent grandfather said he was holding his grandson on his lap when Longwell, Hutchinson and Allen showed up at his doorstep.

"I had no clue that those guys were coming down," Favre said. "… My first thought was, ‘Oh boy, I kind of have a feeling I know the way that this was going to end.'"

It obviously ended with him back for a 20th NFL season, but he continued to talk about his fear of failure and even his continued rehashing of his failures in the NFC Championship Game.

"All I could think about this offseason was what I could have done better in that last game to lead that team to the Super Bowl," he said.

Ultimately, though, he said the draw of his teammates brought him back.

"No one likes training camp. I look forward to the games, getting in the locker room with the guys. … You can't find that anywhere else," he said.

He also addressed the topic of his commitment to the team, a question raised after a press conference last Wednesday that left some wondering about his intentions. He said that got hashed out with his teammates as well, as he met twice with them last week to discuss his commitment level.

"When I set foot on that plane … when I do something, I do it all the way and that was one of the things that the guys and coaches and I talked through throughout this process," he said. "They knew if they got me up (to Minnesota) I was all in."

But once he arrived, a report surfaced that cited an anonymous player source talking about his sometimes-strained relationship with Childress. The article said Favre doesn't respect Childress' knowledge of offense.

"Did we have some, I don't even know if you would call it disagreements, last year? Absolutely. But I consider that a good thing," Favre said. "I have memories of (Mike) Ditka and (Bill) Parcells just chewing out (quarterbacks Jim) Harbaugh and (Phil) Sims and it seemed to work for them pretty well. I think (Childress) has done an excellent job. Will there be disagreements this year? I'm sure there will be plays where he's not happy with the way I execute them and some of the things I do. We're fine. I thought that article was totally ridiculous."

As for his reported pay raise, which could bring him from a $13 million base salary to $20 million in base and incentives, Favre confirmed the reports. But he also said it didn't move him closer to returning, although he seemed to admit it was a factor in another sentence.

"I know I didn't need it," he said, adding later: "That in itself was not the biggest factor."

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