Twisted tale of QB interests

When the Vikings and Broncos meet tonight, there is one quarterback who changed the landscape of both teams and isn't playing for either team. We give you the twisted (and conspiracy-filled) tale of Jay Cutler.

There's a moment I'm looking forward to heading into tonight's game with the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, it will likely require not to only show up for the game, but to show up really early. I owe it to the conspiracy community to do my due diligence on its behalf.

The conspiracy wing is seeking an answer to whether there will be a warm embrace like Brad Childress has awkwardly shared in public with Andy Reid or an icy exchange witnessed between Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini. Why? According to the conspiracy community, here is how it goes:

In the weeks following the hiring of former Patriots assistant Josh McDaniels as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, rumors began surfacing that McDaniels was interested in trading for quarterback Matt Cassel, who had admirably run the Patriots offense the year before when Tom Brady went down in Week 1. There was only one problem. The Broncos already had a franchise quarterback. Jay Cutler was young, experienced and growing a reputation as a fast-rising QB talent. In order to get Cassel to run his own offensive vision, McDaniels needed to get rid of Cutler. Fortunately, there was a lot of collateral in Cutler.

As the coffee-stained underground conspiracy community has it, a plan was put in place to create a "win-win-win" situation. The Patriots would send Cassel to Denver. The Broncos would send Cutler to the Vikings and the Vikings would send their first-round draft pick to the Patriots. There was only one problem. The Vikings had given up their last first-round pick to Kansas City and weren't ready to do it again, even if Cutler had plenty of upside. The deep-conspiracy buffs attest that the Vikings already had a tacit agreement with Brett Favre that made interest in Cutler all but moot.

This is the problem with dealing with the conspiracy wing. They get clumped together with talk of JFK, UFOs and Elvis. Perhaps rightly so. But, in hindsight, the theory makes some sense given what happened.

Word surfaced that the Broncos were shopping Cutler in a three-way deal and the Vikings were suggested as, if not a suspect, at least a team of interest. Talk on that cooled off faster than Antonio Bryant Bengals jersey sales. The Vikings tipped away quietly like the first zebra at the watering hole to notice the gathering circle of lions. But, the fallout with Cutler proved toxic. McDaniels didn't get Cassel, but gave up Cutler. A year later, Cutler ally Brandon Marshall talked his way out of town. McDaniels inherited a franchise quarterback and a game-changing wide receiver 18 months ago. Both are gone now. Are the Vikings to blame?

Significant holes remain in the conspiracy theorists' premise, but the facts are that Cutler's relationship with the organization permanently soured when word of the trade talks surfaced. The Vikings were a logical third side of the triangle at the time. Were the Vikings responsible for the demise of the team McDaniels inherited? We may find out during the obligatory pre-game meeting of coaches. We'll have to be there early, but the conspiracy community demands it.


  • The Vikings may be regretting trading away Benny Sapp given the status of rookie cornerback Chris Cook. The recovery time is expected to be two weeks from the surgery Cook had to repair his injured meniscus, but there are rumblings he might be out until the Vikings bye week after the third regular-season game to give him ample time to heal from the surgery.

  • For those heading to the Vikings game, you are going to be far from alone. In addition to the 60,000 fans expected to be at the Metrodome, another 40,000 are slated to be at Target Field. Throw in the Minnesota State Fair's final non-holiday weekend day, a sold-out show of "Wicked" downtown and bars filled with drinkers that are football fans or not (Thursday is the new Friday), the chances of traffic issues are great for fans of the many events. Those who work downtown will also be attempting to get out of the city before the long holiday weekend. Enjoy!

  • A player to watch tonight is rookie guard Chris DeGeare. If the Vikings are confident enough in his play tonight, he may tip the scale in favor of moving Anthony Herrera to center and having DeGeare starting when the Vikings open the regular season at New Orleans.

  • Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell didn't shoot down the notion that the Vikings might keep four quarterbacks, but when posed with the question of the likelihood, he pointed out that some teams keep just two quarterbacks – a comment that would tend to lessen the probability of four spots on the 53-man roster being filled by quarterbacks.

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