Backwoods Girls: Getting Organized

I get so frustrated when our stuff is nowhere to be found and everything is in 10 different places! It’s not organized and very annoying!

My hubby and I have just about double of everything, and that takes up a LOT of space.  We already have one storage shed at the house and it’s packed and getting out of hand.  We recently inherited a 10×10 storage building that I won with $20 from a raffle at a Relay for Life event.  We both decided it would be the new home for all our hunting and fishing gear. So I spent a whole Saturday organizing it all.  It took me a while to get everything organized, but laying it all out in the yard was helpful in seeing exactly what all we had.

Here are some tips in getting that hunting and fishing gear organized….


  • Find a Location – Whether it’s the garage, storage shed, barn, a bedroom, or even a closet, pick that spot and determine that will be your primary location for all (or most) of your gear.  It’s ok if it’s not a huge room! Work with what you got and be smart with that space. The internet is your friend and sites like Pinterest can you give you GREAT organizing ideas!!
  • Go Shopping– No, not for more fishing gear to make your space cramped! But check your local hardware stores on the weekends. They always put out discounted items that are scratched or barely broken….like storage racks and tote bins.  Don’t forget those YARD SALES!  I nailed a brand new, in the box Black & Decker 4-drawer storage compartment for $20 (originally $65)! It’s perfect for storing gloves, hats, scent-free products, and ratchet straps! You can even find a dresser for cheap to use for storage.  Use as is or give it a new look with some paint!
  • Eliminate – If you feel overwhelmed with what you have, see if there is anything you can get rid of.  Go through the camouflage clothes and give them to your nieces or nephews or sell them in a yard sale.  I found a dozen “safety harness” straps that we had collected from every deer stand purchase we made. They tangle up and look more like a spider’s web! We don’t use those and they’re not as durable or reliable as the Hunter Safety System harnesses we have.  Those extra straps went in the trash! Eliminate unnecessary items to give yourself more space!
  • Expired Items – Throw away any scent lures, cover scent, scent-free soaps that are old.  That goes for any buck lures hiding in a box somewhere or those HOT HANDS you’ve been saving for the past 3 years (I’m guilty!).  All of these items can get old and be useless just like expired sunscreen.
  • Lay It All Out – Separate hunting from fishing and lay everything out in one area so you can see exactly what you have.  This will help you eliminate things you don’t want or need anymore, as well as determine what will go where.
  • Yard Sale Pile –Make a yard sale pile.  “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!” Pile up the clothes that don’t fit, gear you don’t use, or boots that you don’t wear anymore. Heck, you might make enough extra cash to buy something new you’ve been wanting!  Like a new camouflage outfit!
  • Organize It All I bought two large “Muscle Racks” from Lowe’s. Racks are great for holding large tote bins and getting things off the floor.  Go to Walmart or Dollar General and buy a 3-drawer storage bin to store loose items like arrow heads, Thermacell refills, flashlights, bug spray, and ropes.  Use tote bins for clothes and hooks or nails to hang up jackets, backpacks or waders.  Remember to use the wall! There’s more wall space than floor space.  Hang those climbers, gun cases, and fishing nets from a nail.  We hung our back packs up instead of storing them away because we regularly use those and need easy access to them.  Get an inexpensive plastic storage rack to arrange your boots on (we have too many).  We store our fishing poles on the ceiling beams and they don’t get tangled up that way. Tackle boxes are grouped together for easy access.  And we keep light weight items (duck decoys and life jackets) on the very top shelf.
  • Weather – What items will be affected by the extreme heat temperatures or the bitter cold weather? We keep our rifles and shotguns inside in a locked gun cabinet, ammo is stored in a small night stand drawer, and our bows hang safely from a hook in the laundry room.  The garage gets way too hot in the summer to store any of these items, so inside is our best bet.

Dedicate a day that you can start this project and complete it.  Get ideas from your friends and the internet for how to organize your things.  Consider yard sales a form of hunting. You will be amazed at what you can find for $5.00! Staying organized is important and will alleviate stress. You will have a feeling of self-accomplishment and will have more time to concentrate on practice and preparation for your next adventure!

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