Scott Archery Product Review “Sabertooth”

A review of Scott Archery's “Sabertooth”

No matter the game hunted, there is one tool that needs to be consistent, your archery release. An archery release to an archer is like a glove to a baseball player. It’s vitally important to your success when the shot counts. When it comes to choosing a release, it’s not a matter of which brand, but which Scott Release we at The Backwoods Life choose to shoot. We rely only on the best equipment and that’s why we choose Scott Archery.

Scott Archery is the industry leader when it comes to releases. Choosing the right style depends upon your personal preference. I choose to shoot Scott’s “The Sabertooth”. The Sabertooth features matched stainless steel jaws for extreme precision and the ultimate in durability. I prefer the traditional feel of the solid swivel with only the head swiveling. Scott’s patented 9-hole length adjustment system allows you to find the perfect fit for your draw length.

Since I hunt mainly in the southeast where temperatures are mild, meaning sweaty fingers, I like the forward-positioned knurled-trigger. It not only maximizes draw length for increased kinetic energy, allowing harder hitting broad heads, but it also gives me a better grip.  But don’t worry; I can feel the trigger just fine wearing a thick glove as well. I prefer the buckle strap style for quiet consistent shooting shot after shot. And of course, my release is in Backwoods Ninja Black.

They offer several different designs and styles to match your needs. There is one thing I can promise, no matter the release you may choose, it will be the best money can buy. Scott tests each and every one of their releases before you get it in your hands. All the different Scott tolerances are tighter and the finishes are flawless, and not to mention, they are made in the U.S.A.  In the end, when it matters most, I promise you that your release will perform as stated. Go to to choose the right release for you and to find a dealer near you.

Davie “Crockett” Ferraro, Backwoods Life Bonehead and Hunt Strong, LLC. Owner & Founder

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