Wild Hogs Cause Destruction in Alabama

Careful what you wish for!

Back when I was younger I used to think it would be cool to have wild hogs on our farm to hunt year round. Boy was that a wish I could take back. They showed up on our farm about 15 years ago and have just exploded in numbers and in the amount of destruction they cause. These days we don’t have a road or a field that doesn’t have some sort of holes dug in them from the the hogs rooting around. And you can all but forget about trying to grow a food plot because once you plow up some ground they will continuously keep it plowed almost daily. There are several ways to control them or should I say attempt to control them. You can trap them, run them with dogs, or just try to shoot all you can see. On our farm we just try to shoot every one that we see. We average shooting about 30 a year and there are plenty more left where they came from. So if you have hogs on your place you better try to control them any way you can before they get out of hand and start destroying everything. And when you do start killing them just remember that they sure are good to eat.

-Jeremy Johnson

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