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Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials 2016

Backwoods Life Pick of Top 10 Commercials - 2016 Super Bowl

As a producer for Backwoods Life TV and tons of commercials every year, the Super Bowl signals an opportunity for me to watch some of the most popular (and expensive!) commercials of the year. Every year the hype surrounding the commercials grows and people seem to pay as much attention to them as they do the game. Here are my favorites of this years commercials and why I remembered them. These are the ones that caught my attention LIVE while I was watching...not necessarily the most popular on the internet today!

1.) Beats by Dre - Cam Newton -  This one aired before the Super Bowl and caught my attention enough to call the family back in from the kitchen to watch it again. As a Christian, when a major company, advertising in one of the most expensive time slots of the year, decides to start their spot with "Dear God..." I have a tremendous amount of respect for it. Those 2 words changed this commercial from a simple script to a prayer. Sure, Cam managed to lose a lot of the respect that he earned from me in that moment later in the press interview...but that commercial was memorable and one of my favorites of the evening.

2.) Audi - Commander - I think its a requirement that anyone living the Backwoods Life has respect for their elders. Audi capitalized on this respect with this incredible story all wrapped up into one commercial. I don't expect to ever own an Audi and defintely won't be running down to the dealership today...but I very much enjoyed and appreciated their commercial.

3.) Doritos - Baby - Yes my wife is very pregnant and about to have a baby any day now...and yes, I considered getting a bag of Doritos and giving this a try. However, I don't think that biased opinion changed the effectiveness of this commercial. Everyone in the room was laughing and searching for the DVR remote to rewind this one and see it again. 

4.) Coca Cola - Hulk vs Antman - I am a huge Avengers fan AND my dad works for this was was destined to be on my list. Somertimes you just want a little Coca Cola! 

5.) Hyundai - First Date - Kevin Hart is a funny individual, but I personally believe that this script would have been very funny regardless of who played the part. Even if it doesn't a lot of dads go out and buy a will have them remembering to turn on the "Find my iPhone" function on thier daughters phones!

6.) Jeep - Portraits - Probably one of the cheapest commercials to make, of the entire evening. However, still very effective in my opinion. Powerful message!

7.) Axe - Find Your Magic - I like the message that Axe conveyed in this one. The most attractive person you can be is yourself. (And get the door for the ladies!) 

8.) Budweiser - #GiveADamn - Not my favorite actress, the production quality didn't grab my attention, and I don't even drink beer...but the message in this one stuck with me. Drunk driving is never acceptable and I liked this version on the script reminding people of that.

9.) Gatorade - It Doesn't Matter - Perhaps somebody should send this one to Cam...because how you handle yourself, even when the game is over, matters. I like that they delivered the "punchline" via font. WIN FROM WITHIN. Usually companies insist on getting that last line in there to ruin the spot in my opinion. Something like "What matters is what you drink - Gatorade" or something like that is what video producers usually have to end up putting at the end of the spot...even if we disagree from a creative perspective.

10.) T-Mobile - Steve Harvey - I'm one of the millions of people who would've never known who won the Miss Universe pageant if it weren't for Steve Harvey's famous mistake. T-Mobile did a good job of capitalizing on that in this script. As a producer, anytime you can take someone else commercial and "disprove" it, it helps you smile just a little bit more. 

So, that wraps up the Kevin Knighton - Backwoods Life - Top 10 Pick of 2016 Super Bowl Commercials. You may disagree, and some others may have caught your eye that I missed, but those were my favorites of the evening. They gave us plenty to talk about around the water coolers this morning all over the country and will do the same thing again next year!

-Kevin Knighton

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