Royer Hunts Offers Some of the Best Deer and Turkey Hunting in Kansas

Getting' It Done at Royer Hunts - Kansas

Hey hunters, have you ever had a super awesome hunting spot that you wished you could just keep to yourself because it’s so incredible? I’ve got one. Only problem is, it’s my job to tell you about it. Last year we were blessed to meet the Royer family in Alden, KS. Operating Royer Hunts, the Royer Family guides hunters on some of the best hunting property in the nation.

 We first tested the waters with a Spring gobbler hunt. In just a couple of days, 5 hunters put seven turkeys on the dirt, including a phenomenal double bearded turkey with some of the longest spurs we’ve ever seen on a Rio. Plus, a couple of longbeards felt the wind off of arrows flung in their direction unsuccessfully. We had a blast and were still told that we had really missed the peak of the season and that we should “try to come when the hunting is good” next time.  (Seemed pretty darn good to me!)

Then, we headed back in the fall to try to fill some whitetail tags, and this time, we really hit the timing right! Ryan and Kathy Whitaker were first in camp for our team. They took along 3 other hunters as well. In 2 days of hunting, all 5 hunters had either filled their tags or had missed opportunities to fill tags on Pope and Young quality deer. Kathy passed a massive buck on her first hunt, then Ryan tagged a 150 inch 10 point on his first hunt, and finally Kathy corrected her mistake in her second hunt by letting the air out of that same massive buck which I believe ended up being just a smidge bigger than Ryan’s.

 I arrived at camp just as Ryan and Kathy were finishing their killing spree and rode out a couple of hot weather days of seeing deer, just not the big boys. Michael Lee joined me in camp just as the temps started dropping again. That afternoon I shot a mature 11pt that read the script perfectly! At almost the same time, Michael Lee let a great 8 point live by trimming just a little white hair out from under his brisket. Just a few days later though, he fixed his aiming errors and put his tag on an old warrior 7 point.

Of course, later this fall you can watch all of these deer hunts on Backwoods Life in some of the most incredible deer footage we’ve ever captured, but if you want an opportunity to hunt this hone hole you’re need to call Royer Hunts quickly! Kansas is a draw state and requires you to put in for the draw before April 29th.  The Royers can help walk you through the process, but we had ZERO problem drawing an archery tag in our first attempt. Check out the video I’ve connected to this blog, then go to their website at  

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