The Most Devisatating Broadhead on the Market!

The Hunga Munga is one of the best new broad-heads on the market. With a devastating cutting diameter it gets the job done.

Man am I ready for bow season, cause here at Backwoods Life TV, we have a secret weapon for this year.....we are shooting the Hunga Munga!!! Whats a Hunga Munga? you might ask, well if so you are straight missing out on the best broad head on the market. Made right here in the USA, the Hunga Munga has a 1 7/16 cutting diameter and requires no O-rings. They have a patented inline blade clip which makes each shot reliable and repeatable. The clip reduces noise and vibrations and eliminates blades opening in flight, creating more accuracy at longer distance like a field point, increasing our ability to have confidence when the shot arises. Hunga Munga broad heads come in 2 available weights 100 grain and 125 grain. If you want true field point flight with a broad head and the best blood trail making ability, check out Hunga Munga broad

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