Moment to Moment

One small but great moment in my life came while fishing from shore at Lopez Lake California about half way up the coast and inland a few miles. The morning musk of oak trees rising dew in the air, and low shadows of light abounding - elbow to elbow on the point leading from the dock channel to the main lake, me and at least

12 other anglers pitched our wares to the deep. Chunk and grind, chunk and grind, the 12 kept it up with little or no success over 3 hours. Mine was a slip bobber and night crawler set pitched to the drop off 20 yards distant from shore and about 15 feet deep. Bang, Bang, and BANG, one after another my bass were caught much to the amazement of the 12. This went on for an hour (I caught and released 10 in the 4-6 pound class). Through prior commitment I had to be somewhere else in the coming afternoon. While packing my gear, a young boy cheap rod and reel in hand, maybe about 10 years old, came to stand next to me asking "How do you catch so many when these others don't." I rigged his pole, gave him my left over night crawlers and told him what to do, and how and where to pitch his bait. I turned and left the point, down the hill to my truck some quarter mile away. I hadn't taken 50 or so steps toward my vehicle when I heard a shout from the hill. I turned to see that young boy brimming from ear to ear, holding a 4 pound bass skyward for me to see. I smiled and gave him the thumbs up sign – then continued home. This was indeed a small moment with a lifetime reward. All of you who may read this please "pay it forward" for those in need , those that need a guardian angle, but expect the same reward whether immediate or just in your heart.

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