Catching The Right Fishing Gear

Ever since I was a little girl, I've gone fishing. My sister and I used to fish in the creek behind our house using pieces of hotdogs, bits of ham, and sometimes cheese (it actually worked).

We'd also spend plenty of time fishing when we went to the beach, sitting on the dock of my grandparents' house, our lines resting in the water as we waited for a bite. It was somehow peaceful and exhilarating at once, and it's an activity I've tried to continue to do as an adult.

Another thing that's been a part of my life since childhood is cool tech. I had a Gameboy when I was a kid, upgraded to a flip phone, and now I've found myself perfectly content with a smartphone. As an adult, I'm glad the marketplace has provided products integrating my love of fishing and technology.

Because I don't get the chance to go fishing nearly as often as I used to, I've been pleased with the plethora of apps and tech gear that either reminds me of how great fishing really can be or gives me an incentive to go back to the water with my fishing pole and tackle box.

LifeProof LifeJacket for iPhone 4/4s
Don't feel like you have to leave your smartphone at home with this little lifejacket for your iPhone. The bright orange, waterproof case from LifeProof floats in the water, so it's easy to spot if you drop your phone in a lake. This is one of those products that you'll be glad you have if you ever need it. Also, it's surprisingly more stylish than you might think.

Bass Professors Fishing Paradise 3D
This fishing app is reminiscent of games like Zoo Tycoon. The game lets you build and manage a fishery by starting with a plot of land and turning it into a prime fishing spot. You can go around the globe to 14 locations, stock and breed species, and host fishing tournaments. And with 50 different species to catch (including bass, pacu, and giant catfish), there's plenty of digital fishing fun. Plus you can play for free.

Fishing Trip Planner
With this app, you'll be able to stay more organized before your next fishing trip. It helps you ensure you have packed all the necessary equipment and comes preloaded with 225 fishing items. It lets you add, delete, and categorize a list of items on the app and save specific lists so you can use them again. At 99 cents, it's likely to be well worth the purchase.

Hammacher Schlemmer Waterproof iPad Case
In case you feel the need to bring your iPad along when you go fishing, you may want to have this waterproof case. The Hammacher Schlemmer Waterproof Case protects your iPad from water, hits, sand, and shocks. Additionally, it includes an anti-glare function and seals the edges of your iPad to help with a clearer display.

Apps for Anglers' iFish App Series
This app series contains "individual apps for more than 20 states across the nation, [and] iFish provides advice on the best fishing times and how-to fishing techniques as well as access to state licensing and regulation information." At least, that's the word according to Verizon Wireless, who wrote about iFish last year as part of a fall-fishing piece. While it's clearly spring-and inching closer to summer-these apps remain crucial for anyone fishing on a regular basis. Also, they are fairly inexpensive.

While this list is by no means exhaustive of the fishing-related apps and gear you can find, I hope you've found it interesting and informative.

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