"Mastering the Monthly Lure Selection"

Each month Glenn Walker, a writer and bass tournament angler will give his pick for the most dominate technique to pursue bass during that month.

Many may think of the spinnerbait as a simple chunk and whined presentation, and many times this may be the case. But during the spring months, anglers can fish the spinnerbait in a variety of ways depending on the conditions they are faced with when on the water.

For example, when the water is still in the 45 to 50 degree range, slow rolling a spinnerbait is a very effective technique to get inactive bass to bite. The key here is to use a lower gear ratio reel, such as a Wright & McGill Victory 6.2:1 model, so when you barely turn the handle, you aren't bringing in vast amounts of line. What this does to the bait is, it keeps the bait close to the bottom and the blade barely moving.

Key areas to use the slow rolling technique include flats with scattered wood or newly emergent vegetation that is still close to the bottom, or along a steep bank that has wood or rock on it. The weight of your spinnerbait will be dependent on the depth of water you are fishing and if fishing a river system, the amount of current. I like to start with a bait that weights 3/8 oz and then either go up to a ½ oz or down to a ¼ oz bait if needed.

Now to the complete opposite end of the spectrum from slow rolling a spinnerbait, you can burn a spinnerbait in the spring for smallmouth. This is a technique that anglers use on pre spawn smallies as they cruise vast rock or sand flats. The hit that you get from a big bronzeback is like none other when they come from a vast distance and hit your bait.

A ½ oz spinnerbait is common for this presentation as you want to make as long a cast as possible to not only cover a lot of water, but also to no get to close to spook the bass. The color selection here is sometimes very critical as many times the brighter or "louder" the bait the better. So here using a bright orange or chartreuse bait is a great choice.

So here is your chance to grab some spinnerbaits and hit your favorite body of water to catch some fat spring bass!

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