The Old Man and the Sea

Since asking for advice socially, from all of you as to what to artistically paint / name my boat based on Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" novel, I revisited the book for a fourth time (I'm sure I'll be back).

This soft copy book has only 127 pages. Still, Hemingway and this work won the Pulitzer Prize and The Nobel Prize in successive years (1953 – 1954); amazing to say the least. The best part overall is that Hemingway makes us feel deeply and as if we were there.

This book is not so much about the old man, his young friend, his life, their lives, and the grueling fight with an enormous fish. This book is about you and me wherever you and (I) me can be found.

Our lives, no matter how long or short, no matter how battered or safe, these are about the best that we can do with our time under Gods tutelage. With some give and take, it teaches us to fish, it teaches us to love, it teaches us to persevere; to be stronger than we thought we could be, and it teaches us to find happiness in the straits of despair. It teaches us to be calm, to know Christ's peace. It teaches us to forgive. It teaches us to count our blessings like we have never done before. This book is indeed an unwritten book of the Bible. Go there today and read it again as I have and as we will with the Bible; again and again to find ourselves AGAIN AND DEEPER AGAIN on that road to AMAUS.

Humility aside in a scant moment for affects - Maybe you will find what I have written here a view as amazing as the book. Please don't acknowledge my or your counterfeit ego (we are all sinners, even under the skin). Take this message to hold near your heart, and continue the story, your life . . . everlasting, possibly unseen, in what you do for generations to come.

‘He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days without taking a fish." Climb on board the skiff and find out who you are!

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