"Mastering the Monthly Lure Selection”

Each month Glenn Walker, a writer and bass tournament angler will give his pick for the most dominate technique to pursue bass during that month.

As the warm summer months take hold across the nation, so does matted vegetation and the need for bass to pursue shade. Not only does an overhead canopy keep the water temperature cooler, but that canopy also has bountiful amounts of small insects and baitfish, thus giving bass an easy meal.

One of the most effective ways to target these fish is also one of the most exciting, which is fishing with a topwater frog. These plastic hollow bodied baits, can be casted a country mile and then brought across the thickest, most matted cover there is.

Think that fishing a frog is just when there is matted vegetation, think again. What also makes this lures choice versatile is that it can be skipped underneath over hanging trees and boat docks. With the high performance frogs on the market today, like the Snag Proof Ish’s PHAT Frog, they can walk-the-dog over sparse grass and open water.

I like to keep my color selection pretty simple when picking out a frog, white, black and brown. With these three colors of frogs in your tackle box, you’ll have every situation covered.

The gear you use when frog fishing is very important as you’ll need to get that big bass out of some nasty cover. This is why you need to use a heavy stout rod, but yet one that has a soft tip, so you can work the frog properly. I like to use a Wright & McGill Tessera Series Frog Rod, which is 7’2” long, pair it with a high speed reel and spool it with 65 lb Seaguar Smackdown braided line.

With the mercury climbing and half of summer gone, don’t delay and hit your favorite lake or river today and take advantage of some great frog fishing opportunities.

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