Sterling Power Waterproof Battery Chargers

I recently installed a Sterling Power ProCharge-B 36v Battery to Battery charger on my 2013 Triton 20XS. Living in California on the Delta we deal with strong tidal currents that call for your trolling motor to run on high for several hours straight. I run a Minnkota 101/36V and even with great batteries they can become rundown after a long day.

There are also times when you don’t have the opportunity to plug in (like camping) and recharge, either of these occurrences call for some extra power and the reason I sought out an on board solution.

If you’re fishing a tournament or out fun fishing and run your batteries down, it ends up being a bad day. The Sterling ProCharge-B gives you the confidence to know you will never run out of power and I’m no longer worried about running on low early so I can have enough trolling motor at the end of the day – I can just go for it.

The way the charger works is, anytime the big motor is running and your starting battery is at 13.3 volts or above the Pro Charger starts it’s multi stage charging system. If the voltage drop to 13.1 volts the charger shuts off so the starting battery can recharge first. It’s nothing like the old battery isolator Sterling Power has engineered this charger to perform like a computer. The unit is adjustable for all the different battery types also.

The charger was super easy to install, the wires are labeled so anyone can set it up in minutes. Once I found a place to mount it I connected the wires as labeled, five minutes and it was done. The unit is rock solid, water proof, dust proof and maybe even bullet proof (they don’t advertise bullet proof). I like the fact that I installed it and that was it with no worries.

One word of advice is to make sure you hook the 36V (or 24V) wiring up right. They have fuses in case you screw up but a quick check with a multimeter will tell you all you need to know – see the image above showing we have the correct wires for a 36V system.

I’m sold on it – for $250 about the price of one team tournament this device will be on my boat forever. Check it out at

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