High Falling Water

Receiving a tremendous amount of rain usually results in extremely high water conditions in our lakes and rivers. The situation of rising and falling waters can create unique fishing challenges for anglers.

The newly submerged foliage is a bait fish magnate, especially for crawdads. Bait fish love the nutrients and the protection that it provides. They will locate and live in these areas as long as the water stays high, which means the bass will follow. Make sure to locate and target areas of submerged new growth and cover. This is the same foliage that the baitfish and crawfish are using.

I really like to target these areas with top water baits such as Pop-R , small buzz bait or even a Hawg Caller spinner bait with double willow leaf blades in shad pattern.

If the area happens to be flooded rocks and not vegetation, I like to shallow crank with square billed crank baits such as Lucky Craft or Strike King 1.5.

The water will eventually start to recede and when it does the fish will move out of these areas. When they start to move try to locate little drains, ditches and deeper spots within the same location.

These types of composition will offer several things. It provides the bass a path back out of the area, and creates a situation where the fish have a little bit deeper water so they feel safer. In some circumstances, depending upon the layout, it could also offer current.

At this point I usually back off and throw a light Carolina rig, or even a Texas rigged worm such as a Missile Baits Tomahawk. Pair either of these combinations with 7’Medium Heavy Denali Noirwood Rod and 14-lb Gamma Edge fluorocarbon with Shemono CI4 reel.

The bass know their home and feel most comfortable there, so pay attention and make a mental note of where the old water line is. When the water starts to recede and get close to that mark the fish will relocate somewhere very close to the old water lines. Target these areas very, very thoroughly whenever the water is falling.

Whether it’s rising or falling water I always try to locate the cleanest water available. It doesn’t mean it has to be crystal clear, and usually isn’t, but the cleanest, clearest water will normally produce the best results.

Keep these tips in mind and remember to move with the water.

Chad Morgenthaler is in his 12th season as a professional angler currently competing in the BASS Elites and BASS Southern Opens. He is a four-time Bassmaster Classic, five-time Toyota Texas Bass Classic and a FWC qualifier. He is also a past President and Vice President for the Professional Anglers Association. For more Information www.chadmorgenthaler.com

Find me on Twitter & Instagram @CCMorgenthaler and Facebook Chad Morgenthaler.

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