"Mastering the Monthly Lure Selection”

Each month Glenn Walker, a writer and bass tournament angler will give his pick for the most dominate technique to pursue bass during that month.

What do cool fall nights, Halloween and big bass have in common? Things can get a little spooky!! If you have ever tied on a walk-the-dog style bait like a Heddon Spook, you know that you can catch some BIG BASS during these months as the bass are putting on a feed bag before the winter months ahead.

I myself like the Super Spook Jr or the < href="http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Heddon_One_Knocker_Spook/descpage-HOKS.html?from=bam"target="_blank">One Knocker Spook model. Whichever model I choose, the Bone colored pattern is hard to beat and to keep those bass hooked, I’ll swap the stock hooks out with Lazer TroKar Round Bend Treble (TK300) hooks. I’ll cast my Spook around shallow cover such as laydowns, boat docks and points that have baitfish on them. The side-to-side cadence of the bait calls in bass from a distance and by using the correct gear; you can achieve the most action out of your bait and get that bass into the boat.

Since you want your bait to stay on top of the water, using mono fishing line is my top choice. I’ll spool up with 15 lb Seaguar Senshi and use a Wright & McGill Tessera Series Topwater rod as it has a soft tip to help me walk-the-dog, but a good backbone so I can get a big bass into the boat.

The next time you see a perfect fall weather day, grab you rods and toss a Spook around to catch some big fall bass!

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